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Riveting Interview with Lead Attorney Susan Burke on Civil Suit Appeal & SGM Conspiracy

Janet Mefferd interviewed Susan Burke on her show today.  Ms. Burke is the lead attorney for the Victims-Plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit against C.J. Mahaney, Covenant Life Church, Sovereign Grace Ministries, and others. 

Anyone interested in the truth will take this interview to heart. There is no question of a conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse.

Please pray for the Maryland Court of Special Appeals who hears the appeal on Monday. Let's hope they overturn the decision of the lower court that dismissed the case in May 2013 based upon the statute of limitations.

Regardless of their decision, however, Mahaney, CLC and SGM are guilty of an evil conspiracy per the evidence. They did not report Nathaniel Morales (and others) who was a known serial predator. He went on to abuse for 20 years.  

Two weeks ago in his first trial, Morales was found guilty on all five counts with a maximum sentence of 85 years. The follwoing week in his second trial, Morales was found guilty on two counts for another 25 years. 

The evangelical and Reformed Church must act. This is no time for silence. Leaders everywhere should speak out and demand an accounting of Mahaney, et al. regardless of the criminal or civil proceedings.  

The same is true for the SGM Leadership Team which is led by Executive Director, Mark Prater.  These men have covered up for Mahaney.  They must finally come clean and call him to account for past actions and his role in the conspiracy. 

The Church does not have the power to incarcerate but it does have the authority to discipline. Will the pastors of Sovereign Grace Ministries exercise church discipline or refuse to follow their own polity? Will Mickey Connolly, the Regional Leader over Mahaney's church in Louisville and close friend, continue to shield Mahaney?    

The same is true for the pastoral staff at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville.  Will Bob Kauflin, Jeff Purswell, Brian Chesemore (son-in-law) and Gary Ricucci (alleged co-conspirator) continue to enable Mahaney and refuse to discipline him?

Or will noted evangelical leaders in The Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel continue to defend Mahaney?  

God forbid all these things!

This is a very serious matter.  We must work together to make sure pastors throughout America report the suspicion of sexual abuse.

This did not happen as a rule in Sovereign Grace Ministries for 30 years.  As a result, there are scores of victims and there has been an extensive attempt to cover this up.  Those are the facts.

Please listen to this 13 minute interview during minutes 7:08-19:42 on audio recording.


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