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There are criminal investigations going on related to the crimes alleged in The Second Amended Complaint against Sovereign Grace Ministries and other Defendants.  They range from obstruction of justice to rape. 

The on-going collection of evidence is vital in the prosecution of each case.  Please contact Detective Sally Magee of the Family Crimes Division at the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland at 240-773-5400 with information.  She can also be emailed at  She is heading up the investigation in that jurisdiction but can provide contact information for other jurisdictions. 

The Plaintiffs’ lawyers should also be contacted with additional evidence.      

Susan L. Burke
Law Offices of Susan L. Burke
1611 Park Avenue
Baltimore MD   21217

I realize there are additional victims and witnesses who are undecided about coming forward for a wide range of reasons (e.g., embarassment, finances, time off, peer pressure, fear of retaliation, etc.).  Please don’t be deterred by these obstacles.  You may suffer but your action will please God and serve the good of others.

One final comment.  I know a few victims no longer confess the Christian faith.  It is still so important for you to speak up and get your voice back.  If you remain silent these predators will not stop.  Please take a stand. These abusers need to be removed from their homes, neighborhoods and churches.  You can play a big part in making sure that happens. 

Speaking up will also help you find some closure.  Silence suffocates.  I know.  I remained silent about other forms of abuse in SGM for too long.  Not coming forward has an adverse effect upon you.  There is freedom in doing what's right.  You'll be at greater peace knowing you have stopped evil.   

No one has asked or prompted me to put out this appeal for evidence.   

Thank you