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Phil Johnson & Tom Chantry Charge Me with a “Hit & Run” for Not Answering the Question, “Did You Know about Sexual Abuse in SGM?”

This story is a year old but still relevant.  Did I know about the sexual abuse of children in Sovereign Grace Ministries?  I answered that question while interacting with Phil Johnson and Tom Chantry last year.  Johnson is John MacArthur’s right hand man.  He is the executive director of Grace to You.  Chantry is in jail awaiting trial in Arizona for five counts of sexual molestation and two counts of aggravated assault with serious physical injury.  You can read about his legal situation in the following posts. 

Tom Chantry Could Have Been Out of Jail this Week for Child Abuse Charges if He Showed Up for Trial 
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 5:17PM

Thomas Chantry Trial for Sexual Molestation & Aggravated Assault Set for March 27, 2017 
Monday, January 9, 2017 at 5:40PM 

Tom Chantry, Well Known Reformed Baptist Pastor, Charged on Multiple Counts of Child Molestation & Aggravated Assault with Serious Injury 
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 3:51PM

Phil Johnson’s ill-informed and unprovoked attack on me began on April 14, 2016.  The day before my wife had undergone an eight-hour surgical procedure requiring an extended hospitalization and continuous care by me.  Two days after we came home from the hospital, she developed an extremely serious complication.  My on-going continuous care lasted six more weeks. 

In the midst of these dire and demanding circumstances, I was asked a reasonable question by Scott Frady, whom I do not know, on Phil Johnson’s Facebook page.   It was, “Hey Brent, Did you know about sexual abuse in SGM?  Were you part of the cover up?  Or were you unaware?”  I was not able to provide a meaningful answer given all that was going on though I desired to do so.    

This led to false accusations by Johnson, Chantry and others despite the fact I affirmed the question by Frady and gave my commitment to answer it.  That did not satisfy them.  Johnson accused me of a “hit and run” meaning I deceitfully agreed to answer but claimed I was too busy and then sped off from the crime scene.  Chantry chimed in his agreement with Johnson, “Ding!  Ding!  Ding!”  Many other accusations were hurled at me.    

A few days later, I answered the question when my wife was out of danger.  No apology was forthcoming from Johnson or Chantry even after I followed up with them in private.  This is a classic example of spiritual abuse rooted in callousness and self-righteous pride.  A simple, “Thanks for answering.  I was wrong about you.  I will pray for you and your wife” was far from their lips because that kind of humility and compassion was far from their hearts. 

I don’t share this example because I am resentful.  I share it because there is a need for accountability.  Johnson and Chantry’s treatment of me was not atypical.  It is how they treat others in like circumstances.  For example, during our interaction Johnson called those who “self-identify as victims of ‘abuse’” “a lynch mob,” a “swarm of rancor monsters,” “the Bruce Jenners of spiritual abuse” and full of “omni-directional resentment.”  In his worldview, they are good for nothing except to be mocked and scorned.  Johnson is a bully.  He is not a pastor in my opinion.  I have brought this to the attention of John MacArthur.  

The following account is complete and presented in chronological order.  It occurred on Phil Johnson’s Facebook page in April 2016.  It is still there.  I’ve added indented comments and also explanations found in brackets [ ].  It starts with my reference to “a hospital visitation” and to Todd Pruitt from the Mortification of Spin.


Brent Detwiler  Todd [Pruitt], I meant to refer to Phil [Johnson] above.  I made the edit.  I am on the way to do a hospital visitation but I will get back to you later.  I’m glad you chimed in.  It gives me an opportunity to address your “neutrality” [with regard to C.J. Mahaney].
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[Comment: I didn’t want to divulge my wife’s medical condition or its severity so I discreetly told Pruitt I was doing “a hospital visitation” but would get back to him later.  See Todd Pruitt from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals Calls for C.J. Mahaney’s Removal from Together for the Gospel (April 10, 2016) regarding his neutrality.]

Scott Frady Hey Brent, Did you know about sexual abuse in SGM?  Were you part of the cover up?  Or were you unaware?
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Phil Johnson  My questions for Brent: 1) if you knew about the sexual abuse and/or the coverup, why didn’t you lead with that in 2011, instead of 600 pages of trivial personal conflicts and complaints about CJ’s leadership style?  2) if you were unaware of the abuse and coverup, how can you possibly be so certain that CJ was fully aware?
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Comment: The 600 pages found in The Documents were not about “trivial personal conflicts and complaints about C.J.’s leadership style.”  They were about longstanding patterns of serious sin against many people that were clearly disqualifying from ministry.  Read Conclusive Evidence the Investigation of C.J. Mahaney’s Confessed Sins by Kevin DeYoung, Ray Ortlund, & Carl Trueman Was Thoroughly Corrupt.  It gives a historical overview of the pronounced, pervasive, and persistent pride (which he confessed but did not own) that dominating much of his life.  It says a lot about Johnson’s lack of discernment, inability to apply the doctrine of sin, and ignorance regarding biblical qualifications for ministry that he calls the issues with Mahaney “trivial.”  

Brent Detwiler  Todd Pruitt.  I will be at the hospital all day.  I hope to respond to you tomorrow.  Briefly, did you read my three main documents, Response Regarding Friendship & Doctrine (Mar 2010), A Final Appeal (Oct 2010) and Concluding Remarks (Jun 2011).  If so, when did you read them?
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[Comment: I wanted Pruitt to know I would get back to him on his “neutrality.”  He never answered my question and I never got back to him further in this thread but I did follow up with him via email.  Seven months later I wrote Todd Pruitt Lies about His Knowledge of C.J. Mahaney’s Guilt in Order to Appear Neutral.]

Hohn Cho And may I submit that in answering Mr. Frady’s and Phil’s simple but excellent foundational questions on this topic, five or fifty words might be far more helpful and illuminating than 5,000?  To ignore these key questions while continuing to raise additional comments and questions of your own elsewhere in this discussion could be seen as a bit telling.
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Phil Johnson Brent, Once more: if you’re going to start a new thread analyzing Todd Pruitt’s objectivity, please do it on your own FB page.  If you’re going to stick around here, please reply to these questions that have been asked of you:

Phil Johnson  My questions for Brent: 1) if you knew about the sexual abuse and/or the coverup, why didn’t you lead with that in 2011, instead of 600 pages of trivial personal conflicts and complaints about CJ’s leadership style?  2) if you were unaware of the abuse and coverup, how can you possibly be so certain that CJ was fully aware?
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Scott Frady  Hey Brent, Did you know about sexual abuse in SGM?  Were you part of the cover up?  Or were you unaware?
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Caleb Andrea Kolstad one better consult a lawyer before answering those questions- these are important questions
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Roy Mizener Scott Frady - Did Brent ever answer this direct question?
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Scott Frady Not that I can see here.
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Brent Detwiler Pressing demands have keep me from further posting here.  I want to do so and should be able to in a thoughtful manner the next day or two.  The question asked me about how I could not have known about or not been part of the conspiracy to cover up the sexual abuse of children in SGM is very legitimate and very important.  I look forward to answering it.
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[Comment: I wrote this from the hospital.  It was day 4.  My wife was released on day 6.  That’s when I hoped to give a “thoughtful” answer.  Two days after we got home, she developed life-threatening complications.  At this point, Tom Chantry inflamed the situation on his Twitter account with his “Online Conversation Pro-Tip.”] 

Tom Chantry · @tjchantry
18th Apr 2016 from TwitLonger
Online Conversation Pro-Tip
In online conversation, whether in email, social media, or blogs, you will very often see some variant on the following statement: “That’s a very important question, and I have a lot to say about it, but right now I’m very busy, so give me some time to respond.” 

Having been at this a few years, I’ve deciphered this comment, and I have a translation ready for you.  What it means is: “You’ve just raised something to which I have no answer, because THERE IS no answer.  I couldn’t possibly respond coherently.  You will never see me engaged in this conversation again.  However, I would prefer that you NOT think this means I have been exposed as basically ignorant on the matter we’ve been discussing.  Instead, please imagine that I am off in the real world doing very, very important things.” 

This pro-tip is provided free of charge.  You’re welcome.

[Comment: The next day, Chantry sent his “Online Conversation Pro-Tip” to Johnson via Tweeter.]

Tom Chantry‏@tjchantry
Pretty sure that right now @Phil_Johnson_ can testify to the truth of this one. 
12:19 PM - 19 Apr 2016

Tom Chantry ‏@tjchantry  Apr 19
@Phil_Johnson  “Pressing demands have keep me from further posting...should be able to...the next day or two.” or three, or...

[Comment:  Of course, Chantry is mocking me.  Johnson has to chime in with his own ridicule.]

٩(ಠ益ಠ)۶ uosuɥoſ lᴉɥԀ ‏@Phil_Johnson_  Apr 19 Santa Clarita, CA
@tjchantry  Sounds like you’re quoting directly from a hit & run comment left by a well-known individual on my FB page a couple of days ago.

Tom Chantry ‏@tjchantry  Apr 19
@Phil_Johnson  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!         

[Comment: “Ding!  Ding!  Ding” means “Right!  You are correct!”  Now the conversation goes back to Johnson’s Facebook page.]

Scott Frady Still hoping to hear your response to these questions soon.
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Brent Detwiler A major situation has come up requiring my full time and attention.
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[Comment: My wife was now experiencing complications that could have been life-threatening.]

Scott Frady That is fine.  I hope the situation is blessed and that you are able to get through it well, whatever it may be.  I wish you the best.  I would suggest, when this current issue is resolved, that you address the legitimate and important questions that have been raised here on your website.
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[Comment: I don’t know Scott Frady but I certainly appreciated his attitude (and his question).  Johnson and Chantry should have followed his example.  Instead, they callously disregarded his care and concern.] 

Tom Chantry  I’m sorry, but I call “foul” on you, Brent.  It’s been six days since Scott asked you directly, “Did you know about the sexual abuse at SGM?  Were you part of the coverup?”  And unless I’ve missed something, you did not have the time to definitively state, “I have never taken part in any coverup of criminal action at SGM.”  I just timed myself typing that sentence; it took me 14 seconds, and I had a typo along the way I had to back up and correct.  If I had said things which led someone - anyone - to credibly suspect that I was participating in the cover-up of sexual abuse, I cannot imagine any other situation - any! - too important for me to issue a firm and clear denial. 

[Comment: Three months after Chantry wrote these words he was arrested for the molestation and beating of children.  He has been in jail the last four months awaiting trial.  He claims he is innocent but I believe he is lying.  One only needs to read the investigative report from the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches in America (ARBCA) and the police offense reports to realize it.  Chantry is lecturing me on credibility when he is the one who has been covering up his alleged crimes for the past 15 years.  Chantry is also ignorant.  I had issued several “firm and clear denials” already.  I wanted to find these in past writings so I could quote them.  The circumstances did not allow.  I also wanted to elaborate.  Further, I knew more questions would follow a short response which I would not be able to answer.] 

I suspect that to type that sentence and an outline of why your situation was so dramatically different from CJ’s could not take more than five minutes, even if the outline had to end with a statement such as, “To explain this more fully would take more time than I currently have to spend on social media.” 

So why is there no answer?  Is it that you think the questions are insignificant?  No, because the next day you took the time to write, “Pressing demands have keep me from further posting here.  I want to do so and should be able to in a thoughtful manner the next day or two.  The question asked me about how I could not have known about or not been part of the conspiracy to cover up the sexual abuse of children in SGM is very legitimate and very important.  I look forward to answer it.”  I can’t imagine how that statement did not include, “I have never taken part in any coverup of any criminal activity at SGM,” but it didn’t.  You do think it’s an important question, but didn’t take five minutes to outline an explanation. 

[Comment: I wanted to provide a thoughtful answer, not a short answer.  If Chantry knew me, he’d know I am a man of my word.  If I promise an answer, you will get an answer.  If I give an explanation, it is trustworthy.  And he should also know, I don’t do “hit & run’s.”]

Your stated reason is, “A major situation has come up requiring my full time and attention,” yet since the questions were asked you’ve had time to come on Facebook and post five separate articles about this situation on your own page - together with your own observations on each and your own participation in the comment section on two of those posts.  You’ve had time for social media, but not to state, “I have not participated in any coverup.” 

[Comment: These were important TV reports and newspaper articles I quickly posted that were about C.J. Mahaney speaking at Together for the Gospel while sex abuse victims and advocates were protesting outside, about the national press and Reformed bloggers speaking out against Mahaney on a large scale, and about the arrest of Larry Caffery for sexual abuse, etc.  He was a children’s ministry worker at Covenant Life Church under Mahaney.  It was all happening at the same time.  I did not have time to post so I tried to keep people updated with articles and very brief introductions or comments.  See below.] 

I can think of three reasonable explanations for this silence.  I have no idea if any is true, but each is more reasonable than the answer you gave.  One is that you can’t actually come up with an answer to Phil’s two questions - did you know, and if not how are you sure CJ knew - and you would rather not admit it.  A second is that what you intend to do is to write thousands upon thousands of words in response in the hope that your critics will mistake volume for substance.  That would be consistent with your actions so far.  And the third was already brought up by either Caleb or Andrea Kolstad, who warned you to talk to a lawyer before answering.  It could be that you fear that answering might expose you to legal ramifications.  I don’t even mean to imply that you are guilty, merely that if you think someone might make a credible accusation of your involvement in a coverup, no lawyer would want you talking on social media. 

[Comment:  This is Chantry sowing suspicion.  The only reasonable explanation for my silence was the one I provided.  In his arrogance, his three explanations are “more reasonable than the answer [I] gave.”  One, I won’t admit I don’t have answers.  Two, I will write at length so “critics will mistake volume for substance.”  Three, I fear answering because of “legal ramifications.”  If Chanty had done any research, he would know the right answers and he would know about my wife’s cancer.]

Maybe it’s none of the above, but it certainly isn’t lack of time; your own Facebook page demonstrates this.  Perhaps it’s none of my business, but you touched a nerve.  I can’t remember anyone who ever said, “That’s an important question which I wish to answer, but I’m too busy just now,” ever actually coming back and giving an answer.  If you do, you’ll be the first.
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[Comment: Of course, it “certainly” was due to a “lack of time.”  Chantry calls me a liar.  Even more amazing, for a man who has no integrity, he is very concerned about my integrity.  I “touched a nerve.”  He “can’t remember anyone who ever said, “That’s an important question which I wish to answer, but I’m too busy just now,” ever actually coming back and giving an answer.  If you do, you’ll be the first.”  When I was the “first,” he offered no apology and asked no forgiveness for his sinful judgements. 

If Chantry is found guilty for physically and sexually abusing children, I wonder if he will come back to his church and association of churches and ask forgiveness for his crimes and the cover up of his crimes all the while protesting his innocence and calling the victims liars.  Maybe he will be too busy in prison to come back and give an answer.]

Tom Chantry Make that SIX separate articles on your Facebook.  And counting...
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[Comment: Here are the six articles and two comments I posted.  They are worth reading.

April 14
Sex abuse survivors, families protest Protestant pastors conference in downtown Louisville
TV coverage by the Louisville news station WDRB.

April 14
T4G conference overshadowed by row over C.J. Mahaney Presence 
Christian Today is the United Kingdom’s largest online Christian news provider, with the latest in-depth reports. Christian news, updated daily.
Comment: I think “row” has a stronger meaning in the UK.
April 16
Former Children’s Ministry Volunteered at Gaithersburg Churched Arrested on Charges of Sexual Abuse 
I broke this story on March 26.  Read below.  It is good to see the national press picking up on it.
April 16
What Will You Do? 
The Aquila Report is a highly-respected source of information in Presbyterian and Reformed circles.  Carrying the story below is significant. It is an “editorial” statement about Together for Gospel.
April 16
Reign of Tyrants
People within the Reformed community are beginning to speak out against C.J. Mahaney and his enablers like Al Mohler.
April 17
Pastor Accused of Covering Up Abuse Returns to Spotlight
This featured article was published by The Daily Beast which is a beast (huge) of a media company. The opposition of the Lord has clearly increased since T4G but there are still no signs of contrition, only defiance, by C.J. Mahaney, Al Mohler, et al.
Comment: Steve, read the Second Amended Complaint and that doesn’t begin to cover all the cases of child sexual abuse that were committed and covered up.]

Darlene Parsons Brent’s wife is seriously ill with cancer.
Like · Reply · April 23 at 10:50am 

Comment: At this point, Darlene (Dee) Parsons, one of the moderators at The Wartburg Watch, kindly alerts everyone to my wife’s condition.  Johnson has over 5,000 Facebook friends.  No one stopped and asked if my inability to answer was related to my wife’s cancer treatment or took the opportunity to express some compassion.  Especially not Chantry or Johnson. 

When Johnson comes back into the conversation he says nothing about my wife being “seriously ill with cancer.”  Nor does he offer to pray for her or ask about our dire circumstances and their bearing on me not being able to respond.  Instead, he follows in Chantry’s footsteps and makes comments that repeatedly demonstrate both his arrogance and ignorance – a deadly combination.      

Phil Johnson Jeff Gray  Not at all.  I’d be happy to see a letter or email FROM someone challenging or objecting to the policy of hiding rather than reporting cases of abuse.  It would seem far MORE “logical” to expect that someone who knew the facts and objected to the policy (starting with the parents of the victims themselves) ought to have written an appeal or a rebuke--or a plea of some kind--to CJ, informing him what was going on and begging him to intervene.  Above all: If Brent Detwiler really did have a running debate with CJ over the coverup policy, why (despite all the private emails between him and CJ that have been made public on the Internet) is there not a single memo or email confronting CJ about his part in the coverup conspiracy?
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[Comment: C.J. and I never had “a running debate…over the coverup policy.”  Johnson should know that because I addressed the issue in multiple articles.  It is one thing to be ignorant.  It is another thing to be ignorant but then make arrogant assertions as though you are informed.]

Michael John Beasley  Brent - I echo the query about whether or not you had prior knowledge of sexual abuse at SGM, but with this qualification: the question is an appeal for you to account for yourself and no one else.  In other words, I am assuming from the question itself that this is not an invitation for you to wax eloquent on the circumstantial failings or shortcomings of others and therefore it is not an invitation to stoke the fires of unconfirmed accusations against others (Proverbs 26:20-21, Deut 19:15-20).  I say this, not because I can claim to know what you are planning to write; instead, I issue this qualification based upon your past actions.  In the end, the question is significant and will prove to be helpful, but only if you address it directly, plainly, and personally.
Like · Reply · 6 · April 21 at 9:50am

[Comment: I don’t know Michael Beasley but he should be confronting Johnson, Chantry, et al. for “stok[ing] the fires of unconfirmed accusations against others.”  The next day, I provided a short response, not the longer response I wanted to give.  My wife was out of danger but still in need of constant care.] 

Brent Detwiler A loved one had a major medical procedure last week that required extended hospitalization. After they were released this week, they developed severe complications that almost became life threatening.  This is the first day with stabilized conditions.  The care has been 24/7.  Many other obligations and responsibilities have also been set aside.  I wanted to present a thorough response to a number of issues including what I knew or did not know about sexual abuse in Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM).  At this point, I am happy to provide a succinct statement.  I directly oversaw 23 churches in SGM.  I have always directed pastors in my sphere to immediately report the suspicion of sex abuse to law enforcement.  C.J. did the exact opposite.  That is a matter of fact.  That is one reason, he concealed the sexual abuse of children from me even though I was the #2 leader in SGM for many years.  I should have been told because I had a spiritual, legal and fiduciary responsibility for the well-being of SGM as a Board of Director.  I hope to testify against C.J. in a court of law.  I would never have allowed sexual predators to go unreported.  And in each case brought to my attention by the pastors I directly oversaw, they were reported, tried and sentenced.  They remain in jail. By the way, what I just shared, I have repeatedly shared on my blog since the original lawsuit came out in Oct 2012.  It was amended in Jan 2013 and May 2013 in order to add plaintiffs/victims. Everyone should read it. (link) There will be more news about the conspiracy to cover up child sex abuse when a new lawsuit is filed in Virginia. That’s all I can say at this time. 
Like · Reply · 2 · April 22 at 12:58pm 

Phil Johnson Brent: 1) If all of that is true, I do hope the proof comes out when you get your day in court.

2) I think you severely undermined your whole case by allowing 600 pages of private emails full of disgruntled-employee-style ramblings to become public, wherein (as far as I can tell) there is not a single mention of any dispute between you and CJ over incidents of child abuse and coverups involving such crimes.  If you knew CJ was aiding and abetting child abusers, why were the allegations about his faulty style of leadership the whole focus for two years before those more serious charges became the issue?

3) My sympathies DO lie with the children and families who were the victims of a dysfunctional culture of faulty “discipleship” that seems to have attracted and cultivated a high number of pedophiles and other abusive types.
Like · Reply · 9 · April 22 at 2:15pm · Edited

Phil Johnson I actually DO have Brent’s own testimony about how SGM operated at that time, and according to him, what you are claiming here is wrong.  In the statement he posted below, Brent says, “I directly oversaw 23 churches in SGM.  I have always directed pastors in my sphere to immediately report the suspicion of sex abuse to law enforcement.  C.J. did the exact opposite. . . . I was the #2 leader in SGM for many years.”  Plus, Brent was a Board Member.  It would NOT have been “jump[ing] the ladder” for him to challenge CJ on this issue.
Like · Reply · 1 · April 22 at 3:50pm 

Brent Detwiler Phil Johnson  Once again, I am staggered by your ignorance.  I had no knowledge of the cover up until I began to investigate AFTER the lawsuit came out in Oct 2012.  That investigation will be covered in a 300-page book I am writing.  There was no running debate with C.J. over our sex abuse policy.  I assumed he was following the law.  He was not.  Nor was his staff.  They were all covering up and that has been acknowledged by Grant Layman in court, Joshua Harris in the Washington Post, the church administrator in a closed meeting, etc.  C.J. and his staff had a policy of not reporting to law enforcement and that was due in large measure to their unreasonable fear of lawsuits.  That is also a matter of record.  Phil, I didn’t know about any of this or I would have confronted it.  C.J. hid it from me.  That is part of the conspiracy.  That is part of his long-term pattern of deceit.  Again, I am shocked by the extent to which you are uniformed and ill-informed.  Everyone knows these things who has taken any time to read even the most basic coverage.  I wish you would remain silent because you are leading a lot of people astray by your ignorance.  If you don’t want to read the 40 or 50 posts I have written on the subject, that is fine.  If you don’t want to read the media coverage from the past 3½ years, that is fine.  If you don’t want to read and study the court documents from the Morales trials, that is fine.  Just don’t pretend to know what you are talking about because you absolute do not!
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[Comment: Johnson never responded to my explanations regarding why I was delayed in answering or why I was never told about the sexual abuse of children in SGM by C.J. Mahaney.  Not a word.  I think that qualifies as a “hit and run.”  Johnson was not about to humble himself or express any compassionate concern.  Four days later I contacted Chantry on his Twitter account.]

Brent Detwiler ‏@BrentDetwiler  April 26
@tjchantry @Phil_Johnson_
Tom, did you read my follow up comments on Phil’s FB page? 

Tom Chantry ‏@tjchantry  April 26
@BrentDetwiler @Phil_Johnson_
I saw it. 

Brent Detwiler‏@BrentDetwiler  April 27
@tjchantry @Phil_Johnson_
Is that all you have to say? 

Tom Chantry ‏@tjchantry  April 27
@BrentDetwiler @Phil_Johnson_
I read more accusations with promise of future evidence, and decided that yes, that’s all I have to say. 

Brent Detwiler ‏@BrentDetwiler  April 27
@tjchantry @Phil_Johnson_
So you feel no conviction from the Holy Spirit for your sinful judgement & no need to ask forgiveness?

[Comment: I’m confident the Holy Spirit was convicting Chantry of his arrogance, callousness, and self-righteousness.  Yet, he did not answer.  I am not surprised.  He has a long history of defying the Holy Spirit while putting himself forward as an erudite theologian.  I believe Chantry has molested and beaten children based upon my examination of evidence, police reports, and interaction with people who know him.  Obviously, so do the police!  Chantry’s treatment of me doesn’t remotely compare to what he has allegedly done to children but I was not surprised when he was arrested given his attitudes toward me.  If you molest and beat children, you are not going to show compassion in other settings, which people who know him well, say is the case in general.    

Brent Detwiler ‏@BrentDetwiler  April 28
@tjchantry @Phil_Johnson_
Phil, how about you?  Going to set an example for Tom & ask forgiveness for your slanderous “hit & run” comment?

[Comment: The only example Johnson set for Chantry was a bad one.  The same holds true for the hundreds or thousands of people who have read the conversation on Facebook.  Asking forgiveness for his “hit & run” comment was a relatively small matter.  It took little humility but such was beyond his reach.  I did not hear from him. 

What I have covered in this post is a small part of the whole.  There are so many other concerns that arise out the conversation on Facebook.  Honestly, I don’t understand how John MacArthur can allow Johnson to act in such shameful ways.  He is a reproach. 
The last comment I posted was this one but guess what?  It was blocked by Johnson and so was I.  That’s what happens when you call these men to account.  You are silenced in one way or another.   

Brent Detwiler  Almost done.  Phil, there is SO MUCH more I would like to correct in what you have written for the benefit of your readers but I have other priorities and responsibilities I must attend to including the care of a loved one, completion of the book, assisting law enforcement, and caring for victims of sexual abuse in SGM.  I’d encourage you to subscribed to my blog at  That way you can stay current.

The abuses and scandals in Sovereign Grace, and surrounding Sovereign Grace, are unending.  Yet, many of the most powerful leaders in the US continue to commend C.J and cover-up for C.J.  They have brought great reproach upon the gospel and the Reformed faith.  My writings have not brought the reproach; my writings have exposed the reproach.  No one should be supporting C.J. or Sovereign Grace Ministries.  The top leaders in SGM have all proven themselves to be corrupt.  That is not slander.  There is a longstanding and proven pattern of deceit that the Body of Christ must know about. Not once, not twice, but countless times this deceit has played out.  You would know that if you studied the evidence. 

For example, how in the world can anyone allow Mark Prater promote SGM at T4G after reading Hush Fund Set Up by Top SGM Leaders to Meet the Demands of a SGM Pastor Whose Son Was Sexually Abused by a senior pastor’s son.  This is typical.  And lest you wonder, I have repeatedly brought this 2013 illustration of profound corruption to the attention of all ten men representing T4G including John.  It is mind boggling no one has taken action.  To be honest, the evidence does not matter to these men.  If it did, C.J. would have been removed from ministry and he would never be a hyped speaker at T4G.

Mark Prater is the executive director for Sovereign Grace Churches, formerly Sovereign Grace Ministries.

The ten men are John MacArthur, Al Mohler, Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, John Piper, Kevin DeYoung, David Platt, Thabiti Anyabwile, Matt Chandler, and R.C. Sproul.

T4G is a biennial conference called Together for the Gospel.


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