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Part 9: Tom Chantry, Former ARBCA Pastor & Son of Walt Chantry, Found Guilty On All Four Counts of Sexual Molestation of a Child

Walt Chantry, highly esteemed Reformed Baptist teacher, leader, author, and editor,  knew all about the aggravated assaults inflicted upon children by his son, Tom, while pastor at Miller Valley Baptist Church (MVBC) between 1995-2000.  Walt covered up his assaults in conjunction with other top leaders who were his friends and/or under his manipulative control in the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA).  Here’s the proof in brief.   

On November 21, 2000, the elders of MVBC wrote Walt regarding the crimes Tom committed.  Their conclusions were based upon interviews and five letters written by four parents and one victim documenting the physical abuse.  The evidence was forward to Walt and many other ARBCA leaders.  Here is an excerpt from the letter sent to Walt by the lay elders.  

“We’ve erred on not holding our Pastor [your son] more accountable in areas where he has offended others.  We had hoped that some of these traits would be overcome with age and maturity.  We desired to hold him in highest esteem according to what we have been commanded to do in Scripture.  We have made excuses for his behavior, citing his youth, his singleness, and his pessimism, in hopes of softening some of the rough edges.  Never have we endured such a trial as this. … It is still incomprehensible to us as to how these actions by Tom were justified.  Legally, what Tom did would be considered child abuse and could be subject to prosecution.” (Nov. 21, 2000) 

This letter from the elders, along with the five letters from four parents and a victim, were also given Earl Blackburn, David Dykstra, Steve Martin, Don Lindblad, Tom Lyon, Bob Selph, Marcus “Mike” McKnight, Tedd Tripp, Rich Jensen, and other top leaders in ARBCA.  All these men knew Tom Chantry was a child abuser in 2000 even before the “Informal Council” did an internal investigation and advised the parents to let ARBCA handle the matter.  None of them reported his crimes.  None of them advised the parents to report.  None of them helped the victims.  Instead, they covered up his sadistic and dangerous beatings of children.  And there is new evidence, suggesting the Informal Council (i.e., McKnight, Tripp and Jensen) suspected Chantry’s abuse of children included sexual molestation, not just physical assaults.  

Fifteen years later, one of the victims went to law enforcement to report his abuse.  Other victims followed.  As a result, Chantry was arrested in July 2016.  He was tried in July/August 2018 and found guilty on two counts of aggravated assault of two children.  

This week a second trial concluded concerning a third victim.  Chantry was found guilty on all four counts of sexual molestation of a child with aggravating circumstances that resulted in emotional harm.  He was immediately incarcerated.  He will be sentenced on July 19, 2019 and sent to a prison for sex abusers for a long time.  

A third trial is in the works on four counts of molestation, four counts of aggravated assault, and one count of child abuse pertaining to a fourth victim.  I am intimately familiar with the evidence.  There is no doubt – Chantry is guilty.     

Tom Chantry is the most vile individual I’ve ever known by way of acquaintance.  I have attended both his trials and written about his horrendous behavior since December 2016.  I was stunned at the first trial when he took the stand after 20 witnesses testified against him and adamantly asserted he was completely innocent of ALL wrong doing.  In fact, he looked intently at the jury and told them he had lived his whole life for the honor and glory of God and would never assault or molest a child because he was a man of God.  

Tom Chantry is a sociopathic liar and sadistic child molester.  Though an orthodox pastor in the Reformed Baptist tradition, and a graduate from a conservative Presbyterian seminary, he is a vile reprobate without a conscience.  There is no evidence, he was ever a regenerate Christian.  He was 25 years old when he came to Miller Valley Baptist Church out of seminary and immediately assaulted a child.  He was a sadistic pedophile back then.  I have never observed anyone more arrogant or deceitful in all my life.  Part of his wicked pleasure is getting away with his crimes.  When the verdict was read on Wednesday, I was sitting 25 feet from Chantry.  He was furious because his evil con came to an end.  God provided a just jury and judged Chantry in righteousness.    

And yet, this “sick twisted monster” (the words used by Mark Jones to describe him) has been defended by the top leaders in ARBCA since July 2015 when they were informed he was under investigation for aggravated assault and child molestation.  Their reprehensible defense continued long after he was arrested and incarcerated in July 2016.  For over three years, ARBCA officials have instructed their members not to read my “evil” blog and other blogs producing evidence in the form of police reports, court documents, and incriminating evidence exposing the ARBCA cover-up.  The control in ARBCA is cult-like.  Members in ARBCA have been deceived by their Administrative Councils and pastors for a long time. 

Yesterday, the blog Pulpit and Pen (P&P) reported the following about Chantry supporters. 

“In the meantime, P&P has spoken to numerous Chantry supporters, some of them notable, who still believe in his innocence regarding molestation accusations.  They virtually all acknowledge that Chantry was masochistic and abusive from a preponderance of the evidence, but refuse to believe that he was guilty of sexual molestation.” 

First, Chantry supporters, notable and otherwise, have argued for years he was not guilty of physical abuse or sadism (i.e., harming others for personal pleasure).  In fact, ARBCA officials have put Chantry forth as persecuted like Jesus, etc.  The evil doers are the victims, families and bloggers.  Well, it appears they are changing their story and rewriting history given the guilty verdicts for aggravated assault last summer.  They now uphold the “preponderance of the evidence” which they formerly condemned.     

Throughout the trial, the prosecutor pointed out how Chantry used tutoring as the means to beat boys for minor mistakes or infractions so he could “comfort” them by molesting their genitals.  He would also masturbate himself in the process.  He is exceedingly wicked and yet these “notable” supporters (I assume ARBCA leaders) are still defending him even though they have not sat through the trials, heard or read the evidence, or listened to the victims and their families under oath.  Yet these arrogant fools know better than 23 jurors in two trials! 

At the first trial of Mark Jones, 11 jurors believed Chantry was guilty of molestation.  One juror was corrupt and voted not-guilty.  He is under investigation for juror misconduct and perjury.  You can read about it here.  

In the retrial, 12 jurors found Chantry guilty of molestation beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet, Chantry supporters not in attendance refuse to believe 23 jurors in the courtroom.  These notable supporters continue to believe the lies put forth by Tom and Karen Chantry, Judy Rogers (Tom’s sister), Al Huber (Tom’s father-in-law & ARBCA pastor) and others.  It is insane and insidious. 

For instance, Karen Chantry wrote a letter to family and friends on September 11, 2018 about God’s righteous servant (her convicted husband) being so wrongly disgraced in jail.  I quote in part. 

“Tom is now in custody at the Camp Verde jail, and he is being held on a million dollar bond.  The charges are 4 counts of aggravated assault, 4 counts of molestation of a child, and 1 count of child abuse.  Friends, Tom is not guilty of these accusations, but there he sits. … Tom has not done the things he is accused of.  They are horrible, sickening accusations.  Why has God allowed his servant to be so disgraced?”  

This is all a con job.  Karen knows her husband is guilty.  I sat 10 feet away from her in the courtroom on Wednesday studying her facial expressions when the guilty verdicts were read.  She showed absolutely no emotion of shock, anger, disagreement, or surprise when her “innocent” husband was pronounced guilty.  And she showed absolutely no tears, sorrow, anguish, or pain knowing her “beloved” husband would be immediately taken from her and locked up for a very long time.  

The Chantry clan is evil.  They have denounced all six victims as liars.  So has ARBCA in their defense of Tom’s innocence.  Three of those victims now have guilty verdicts.  A fourth victim would have gotten a guilty verdict in the first trial but the prosecution could not find a known eyewitness.  That eyewitness, Steve Franklin, has now been located.  He saw Tom Chantry punch Mitch Jones in the face and knock him to the ground because the child squirted him with a water gun in fun at a July 4 church picnic.  That was three weeks after Chantry became the new pastor at Miller Valley Baptist Church in 1995.  In addition, a third trial is in the works on nine counts that should secure more guilty verdicts.     

This week, ARBCA had its General Assembly.  It finished up Thursday night.  Last week, I sent them the following email.  There is no exaggeration in my word. 

From: Brent Detwiler <>
Sent: Friday, May 3, 2019 1:30 PM
To: Jerry Slate; Larry Smith; Jason Walter; Nathan White; Bill Halliburton;; Douglas VanderMeulen; John Divito; Bill Francise; Ron Miller;; Josh Tickham; Dave Randall; Craig Anderson; Ralph Anderegg'; Thomas Waters; Bob Curly; Joe Anady; Jason Montgomery; Tom Hicks; Fred Malone; Guy Smith; James Butler; Cam Porter; Thomas Winn; John Miller; Tom Richwine; Cliff Cooper; David Dykstra; John Giarrizzo; Fred Pugh; David Shiflet; Jim Dundas; Mark Raines; Dale Smith; Reece Klink; Adam Osworth; Micah Renihan;; Jeff Oliver;; Rich Barcellos; Sam Waldron; Earl Blackburn; Mike Renihan; Larry Vincent; John Yoder; Rich Jensen; Brian Onstead; Dane Carlson; Rick Jefferds; Mark Hogan; Michael Kelly; Kurt Smith; William Avants; Tom Lyon; Eric Freel; Jeffrey Massey; Van Loomis; Martin Nish; Charles Fitzpatrick; Frank Urquidez; Dave Hendrickx; Steve Marquedant; Michael Kirkpatrick; Chuck Rennie; Dale Crawford; Sam Renihan; Arden Hodgins; Brandon Smith; Don Lindblad; Rob Cosby; Todd Gill; Ben Scofield; Simon O'Mahony; Scott Swanson; ARBCA; Ryan Hodson; Nate Hoefer; Christopher O'Neil; Steven Wilfert; John Daniels; Mark Santiago; Jon Cochran; Robert Minto; Mark Hogan; Chad Bennett (; Bob Selph (; Mike McKnight (; Jamie Howell (
Subject: An Appeal for Righteous Action at General Assembly / Eight-Part Series on the Abuse of Children by Tom Chantry & Its Cover-Up by ARBCA Officials Since 2000

This is being sent to former and current pastors in ARBCA.  I have current pastors in mind. 

Next week you gather for the 2019 ARBCA General Assembly in Berea, Ohio.  You will be discussing the handling of Thomas Chantry by Administrative Councils in the past and present.  God in his holiness and sovereignty will be evaluating every delegate to see if he “seek[s] first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” 

Over the past 20 years, many of the top leaders in ARBCA have been complicit in the illegal and deceitful cover-up of Tom Chantry’s felonious assaults upon children.  For example, Earl Blackburn, David Dykstra, Fred Pugh, Larry Vincent and Steve Martin.  I have documented their knowledge of the evidence.  They should be named and rebuked.  

The members on the 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019 Administrative Councils have also acted corruptly.  For example, Brandon Smith, Douglas VanderMeulen, John Giarrizzo, Rob Cosby, Steve Marquedant, Dale Crawford, Jeff Massey, and Bob Curley.  The ARBCA Announcement Concerning Tom Chantry (Apr. 25, 2017), the AC Report Part 1 (Sep. 5, 2018), and the AC Report Part II (Oct. 25, 201) are just a few examples of this corruption.  I cover this in great detail in my articles.  Unless these men repent and the current Administrative Council members resign, ARBCA should be abandoned by all God fearing pastors and church members.  

The hypocrisy and spiritual abuse in ARBCA among its top leaders is pervasive.  That is why godly pastors with integrity have already left the association.  Others of you have remained until the General Assembly next week.  I encourage you, therefore, to speak out with boldness and not be distracted by minor issues or procedural matters.  There is egregious sin in the camp.  It must be called out.  In this regard, you should follow the example of John the Baptist before Herod or Stephen before the Sanhedrin.  You must be willing to figuratively have your head served on a platter or be stoned to death for your witness against iniquity.  There is no place for cowardice and compromise when you meet.  The issues are extremely serious.  Don’t let them be glossed over or avoided. 

With this in mind, I am sending you a PDF document that contains my “Eight-Part Series on the Abuse of Children by Tom Chantry & Its Cover-Up by ARBCA Officials Since 2000.”  I’ve put it together for your benefit and convenience.  It contains the 321 pages of evidence, analysis, and commentary I’ve sent you in the past. 

Part 8 in the series is a new article I just finished.  You can read it separately at the link below. 

Part 8: The Illegal Cover-Up of Tom Chantry’s Crimes by Marcus “Mike” McKnight III (Prominent Lawyer), Tedd Tripp (Renowned Child Expert), Richard Jensen (Former Homicide Detective), & Bob Selph (the ARBCA Coordinator)
Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 4:03PM                                                

The victims and families from Miller Valley Baptist Church have suffered immensely for nearly 20 years because of ARBCA.  At the General Assembly, you should call upon Tom Chantry to repent of his sins against them.  Scripture requires two or three witness for a judgement of sin.  In his case, there are six victims and many more corroborating witnesses. 

Those “corroborating witnesses” include Earl Blackburn the AC Chairman in 2000-2001.  He had all the evidence collected against Chantry in 2000 but deceived ARBCA for 18 years claiming he had none until I exposed him with evidentiary documentation in my Part 4 article last December.  He must be reproved by the General Assembly for his deceitful scheming as the AC Chairman over many years.  

Tom Chantry’s second trial will conclude next week as you meet.  He may, or may not, be found guilty of molestation by 12 jurors.  It doesn’t matter in terms of what you must do.  He, and those who have covered up his sins, including his father Walt, should be called to account for their unrepentant sin.  For example, Don Lindblad.  After Tom, no one has lied and deceived more than him.  You cannot permit him to continue as a pastor in ARBCA and claim to uphold Scripture.  The same is true of Tom Lyon. 

Lastly, the General Assembly, should corporately ask God’s forgiveness for the pronounced hypocrisy that exists in ARBCA.  You pride yourself in being full subscription adherents of the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession.  God is not impressed.  He is offended.  Your superior knowledge only condemns you.  How often the likes of Douglas VanderMeulen have condemned people for violating the Ninth Commandment when in fact God was working through them to expose the evil in your midst.  

The truth be told, ARBCA leaders have repeatedly lied and given false witness; most egregiously in asserting Tom Chantry’s innocence.  They even claimed he was being persecuted like Jesus, tested like Job and betrayed like Joseph after he was arrested and incarcerated in July 2016.  ARBCA officials and pastors have justified the wicked.  For example at Christ Reformed Baptist Church (Hales Corners, WI) on January 29, 2017.  That is when Don Lindblad, Al Huber, Dale Smith, Steve Martin and Bill Halliburton defended Chantry’s innocence.  The vast majority of members were righteously offended and left the church.  

ARBCA also deceitfully justified itself in the April 25, 2017 announcement claiming, “Everyone with knowledge of these events [Chantry’s assaults] has operated within the parameters of the laws of the land.”  That is a blatant lie.  No one obeyed the laws of the land.  You are the ones who have transgressed the Ninth Commandment.  This systemic hypocrisy among top leaders must be confessed to God.  

Next week is a historical gathering for ARBCA.  The head of the church, our Lord Jesus Christ, will be assessing you.  I sincerely hope and pray you will “humble yourselves” and “be wretched and mourn and weep” so God can exalt you for his good purposes.  As it stands, he is opposed to you and that will only increase if you do not “submit to God“ and give attention to these matters.  You are in my prayers. 

James 4:5-10 Or do you suppose it is to no purpose that the Scripture says, “He yearns jealously over the spirit that he has made to dwell in us”? [6] But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” [7]  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. [8] Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.  [9] Be wretched and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom. [10] Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.

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