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Joshua Harris Requests Leave of Absence until Issue of Not Reporting Morale’s Crimes to Police Is Fully Addressed

I just finished listening to Joshua Harris’ sermon from this morning at Covenant Life Church.  

During his message he made several remarks about the Nathaniel Morales trial including an acknowledgement that he, Robin Boisvert (pastor), Kenneth Maresco (pastor) and Corby Megorden (administrator) knew about Morales’ sex crimes in the past. 

The clear implication of this acknowledgement, though not explicitly stated, was these four leaders did not report Morales to the police.  This is exactly what Grant Layman (former pastor) stated under cross examination at the Morales trial this past week. 

Harris made no mention whatsoever of Layman in his comments today even though he just honored Layman on March 31 when he resigned as a pastor at CLC after 31 years. 

Harris also made no mention of C.J. Mahaney, John Loftness, or Gary Ricucci.  In 2007, Morales told Layman he sexual abused boys in Covenant Life Church.  This past week, Layman told the court, the “pastoral team” of Covenant Life discussed this confession.  Loftness and Ricucci were CLC pastors at the time.  Mahaney oversaw the pastoral team and was mentoring Harris in his role as senior pastor.  These men also knew about Morales crimes but did not report. 

Harris told the church he asked and requested an administrative leave until this issue can be fully addressed.  The pastoral team (i.e. board of elders) is considering Harris’ request but no decision has been reached.  Harris indicated Maresco, Boisvert and Megorden are also prepared to take a leave of absence. 

There is so much more to this story that Harris doesn’t tell Covenant Life Church.  I’ll be working on a lengthy post all this week.  Lord willing it will be done by next weekend.  Pastors at Covenant Life Church have been covering up sexual abuse for over 30 years.    

In other news, Morales’ lawyer, Alan Drew has appealed the verdict.  That is typical.  I’ve been told there is very little chance the appeal will be granted.  The appeal means the two other trials of Morales will go forward this week.  That is a good thing.  More evidence will come out.


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