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Joshua Harris Plans to Leave Covenant Life Church for Seminary

During his sermon this morning, Joshua Harris told Covenant Life Church he plans to leave in June in order to attend seminary.  I'll be posting my thoughts about these and other developments later in the week.

Here is a paragraph summary. 

"I’m [Joshua Harris] going to cut to the chase and start with the announcement: My big news is that later this spring I’m going to step down from my role as lead pastor so that I can go to seminary. The school I’ll be attending is called Regent College, and it’s on the West Coast in Vancouver, B.C. My plan is to attend for at least a year with a good possibility that I will stay a second year to pursue a masters degree."

Go to this link to read the entire text or watch the sermon on video.

Postscript - Feb 6, 2015

Other demands and priorities have prevented me from posting about Joshua's announcement. I still plan to do so but not until I complete a lengthy piece on developments concerning the cover up of child sex abuse at Covenant Life Church since the Morales' trials last May.  The latter should be finished some time in March. Then I will work on a separate piece regarding Joshua's departure from CLC. He remains the sr. pastor until mid-April. Lord willing I will be done before then. Both these undertakings will address very serious issues. I also plan to do a short post on SGM's attempt to silence me with severance in 2009 since people are asking if Joshua will get severance and if he will be required to sign an "Employment Conclusion Agreement and Release of All Claims" document.

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