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C.J. Still Not Qualified to Lead Sovereign Grace Ministries on the One Year Anniversary of Sending Out “The Documents”

Every day for the last 365 days, I have determined to play no favorites, fear no man, and oppose evil justly.  I have not lied, compromised my integrity or made up charges.  Instead I have resolutely testified against persistent evil by the grace of God amid much affliction. 

One year ago today, I sent out Response Regarding Friendship and Doctrine, A Final Appeal, Concluding Remarks, and The Untold Story to the pastors of Sovereign Grace Ministries.  This became necessary when C.J. and Dave Harvey repeatedly lied, broke numerous promises, misled the movement, and tried to covered up their sinful activity.  I could not allow this to continue.  I’d encourage all SGM pastors to re-read these documents from the perspective of a year later.    

Jesus taught his disciples, “The world cannot hate you, but it hates me because I testify about it that its works are evil” (John 7:7 ESV).  This past year, I have testified against C.J. and other leaders in SGM.  There are approximately 300 hundred pastors in SGM.  No one joined me.  All deserted me except one.  None defended me.  Only one helped me.  Most condemned me.  Like Jesus said, the best way to avoid being hated is to remain silent about evil.

Growing up I thrived on popularity.  The day I was converted in 1972 at age 18 under the preaching of Billy Graham, I knew this idol had to be smashed!  It was my god.  I could not become Jesus’ disciple unless I was willing to endure hatred for the sake of righteousness.  When I sent out the documents on July 6, 2011, I knew I would be hated.  That became a reality overnight as SGM and others directed their fury at me.  It continues. 

Over the past year no one has been willing to testify that C.J.’s deeds are evil.  Some pastors have protested his polity but no one has taken a public stand against his character or publicly called him to repentance.  No one has been willing to rebuke him or declare him disqualified from ministry or even the Presidency of SGM.  Why?  The fear of man is the main reason.  Men in SGM fear C.J.’s wrath, covet his approval and don’t want to suffer the loss of members, money or favor with others leaders inside and outside of SGM.  They would rather wait until November or December and leave SGM if they must over differences in polity. 

The fear of C.J. has been a long standing problem at Covenant Life Church.  Joshua Harris made numerous statements to that effect during the Members’ Meetings last July.  I think it remains a problem that must be addressed but first I want to commend Joshua for the stands he has taken. 

Last year Joshua step down from the three man Board of Directors because he was not willing to decide on C.J.’s fitness for ministry until an independent, outside, no history with SGM, group of impartial evaluators heard all my charges and the charges of others against C.J. and SGM.  Of course, this kind of adjudication hearing was blocked by the cunning of the interim Board; and in spite of all the evidence in my documents, Dave Harvey and Jeff Purswell declared C.J. fit for ministry out of blind loyalty. 

Joshua also provided a mild critique of C.J. before the church and pointed out that God was disciplining and humbling SGM.  That cost him dearly.  In fact, it cost him his friendship with C.J. and the Presidency of SGM.  He was removed by C.J.’s as his replacement to lead the ministry.  In addition, Joshua and the CLC pastors have been asking hard questions of C.J., Dave and the Boards but to no avail.  Recently I noted on my blog how they were unjustly condemned by the AoR report and how they have responded to some of God’s dealings by asking forgiveness of CLC for their sins.

Today is another historic day in SGM.  It is more than a coincidence that 10 of the Covenant Life pastors met with the SGM Board of Directors today in hopes of finally getting answers to their questions.  But more than a question and answer session, God is graciously giving C.J., Dave Harvey, Jeff Purswell and the Board of Director the opportunity to humble themselves and repent.  The Lord is also giving the CLC pastors the opportunity to testify against their evil and call them to repentance.  I hope both happened.

For the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve prayed God would show me what to say and then give me the courage to say it.  Today is no exception.  At the recent Members’ Meeting for Covenant Life Church, Joshua declared that C.J. was NOT disqualified from ministry which means he is qualified for ministry.  There is no middle ground.  This was a major blunder.  I wrote Joshua about his pronouncement.          

From: Brent Detwiler
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2012 10:57 AM
To: Adam Malcolm; Ben Wikner; Bob Schickler; Braden Greer; Corby Megorden; Dave Brewer; Don DeVries; Eric Sheffer; Eric Simmons; Grant Layman; Issac Hydoski; Jamie Leach; Joe Lee; Jon Smith; Joshua Harris; Kenneth Maresco; Mark Mitchell; Matt Maka; Robin Boisvert
Subject: Question re: "I do not believe C.J. is disqualified from ministry."

Hello Joshua,

This is a sincere and warm hearted inquiry. 

Here is one of your statements from the Members’ Meeting on Thursday night regarding C.J.  I have several questions about it (e.g., why Matthew 18:15-17, 1 Timothy 5:20-21 don’t apply to C.J.) but I’ve reduce them to one that gets at the core issue as biblically defined.    

“Some of you have told me that you think we should have publicly disciplined CJ or should speak against him serving as a pastor.  I disagree with that.  I do not believe CJ is disqualified from ministry.  And so I wish him success in his new church plant and pray that he will prosper.”

I do not understand how you can possibly say “I do not believe C.J. is disqualified from ministry.”  In making that declaration, you boldly asserted that C.J. is above reproach (1 Timothy 3:1) and blameless (Titus 1:6) and meets all the qualifications of Scripture.  How is that possible given the meaning of these words?

1 Tim 3:2 An overseer, then, must be above reproach. The word (Gr., anepileptos) literally means “not apprehended, that cannot be laid hold of; hence that cannot be reprehended, not open to censure, irreproachable,” “blameless,” “irreprehensible, unassailable.”  It bespeaks of irreproachable conduct and it also means “not only of good report but deservedly so!”

Titus 1:5-6 …appoint elders in every city as I directed you, [6] namely, if any man is above reproach.  The word (Gr. anengkletos) literally means “that cannot be called to account, unreprovable, unaccused, blameless.”

I know you want to be “balanced” in your assessment of C.J. but how is your conclusion biblical?  I am happy to come to Gaithersburg to discuss this matter.  It goes to the heart of the matter. 

I also observed you used the singular pronoun “I”, not the plural pronoun “we”, in stating your perspective.  Does that mean some of the pastors disagreed with you?  If so, don’t you think the church should have been told about those disagreements?  From my perspective, that information would be helpful, not harmful, to the church.  I think many would appreciate knowing some of the pastors don’t think C.J. is qualified for ministry.

If I may give one other opinion, I think you should have made your case to Covenant Life Church as to why you believe C.J. is deservedly of good report and therefore cannot be called to account.



I followed up with a second email.  I didn’t want to write this blog post without hearing his reasoning.  I never heard from him. 

From: Brent Detwiler
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2012 8:09 AM
To: Adam Malcolm; Ben Wikner; Bob Schickler; Braden Greer; Corby Megorden; Dave Brewer; Don DeVries; Eric Sheffer; Eric Simmons; Grant Layman; Issac Hydoski; Jamie Leach; Joe Lee; Jon Smith; Joshua Harris; Kenneth Maresco; Mark Mitchell; Matt Maka; Robin Boisvert
Subject: Question re: "I do not believe C.J. is disqualified from ministry."

Hi Joshua,

I realize you may be too busy to provide a response to my question this week, but would you please let me know by Friday if you plan to answer at all.  A simple “yes” or “no” will suffice.  Friday is the one year anniversary of sending out the documents.  I plan to revisit the issue of “Is C.J. Above Reproach?” on my blog and I’d like to include your arguments for why C.J. is qualified to be in ministry.  I don’t agree but I want to represent you fairly.

Thanks for your help.


All of Joshua’s comments at the Members’ Meeting can be found at Will C.J. Mahaney and Other SGM Leaders Follow the Example of the Covenant Life Pastors?  Here is a longer quotation for more context regarding C.J. fitness and deployment as a church planter and sr. pastor.

“Some of you have told me that you think we should have publicly disciplined CJ or should speak against him serving as a pastor and I disagree with that.  I do not believe that CJ is disqualified from ministry.  And I want you to know that I wish him success in his new church plant and I pray that he will prosper.

“There are others of you who would like me to give a more ringing endorsement of C.J.’s leadership and his response to this crisis.  But I am not able to do that either.  I am disappointed by aspects of the way he’s related to our pastoral team and to our church through this process.  I share this simply to explain why it’s difficult for me to celebrate the nature and timing of the departure or to act as if everything is fine.

“So I find myself in what I think is a balanced position—not agreeing with C.J.’s strongest critics nor his most vocal supporters.  But before God I have sought to be a faithful friend to CJ and to fear God and not man.” (Joshua Harris, Members’ Meeting, June 28, 2012) 

I don’t believe Joshua has arrived at “a balanced position.”  I believe he has arrived at a compromised position.  While he has sought to fear God, I am extremely concerned he has feared man in this assessment.  God knows for certain.  I do know that Joshua is under extreme temptation to compromise.

C.J. and the SGM Board of Directors desperately want Covenant Life Church to leave the movement.  Several months ago Bob Kauflin was telling people he couldn’t understand why in the world CLC has stayed this long.  Covenant Life is a cog in the wheel.  SGM wants them, and other churches like them, out of the way.  Mickey Connolly has told people for months that SGM is at work making plans to plant churches next to churches that leave.  They are just waiting for that to happen and the sooner the better starting in Gaithersburg area.    

C.J., Dave Harvey and the Board of Directors don’t want to be held up by churches like Covenant Life Church and Sovereign Grace Church of Fairfax.  They would especially love for Joshua or Mark Mullery to say that C.J. is disqualified from ministry or shouldn’t be President of SGM.  The Board would pounce on such statements and discredit them by pointing out the favorable results of the Preliminary Panel last August, the Three Panel Review in January, and the “no comment” by Ambassadors of Reconciliation.    Furthermore, C.J. has drummed up a lot of sympathy in the Reformed world.  He’s successfully presented himself as the suffering servant and Joshua as the neophyte leader who made horrendous mistakes.  I understand the temptations to adopt a “balanced position” but I believe that is a politically correct position and not a biblically responsible decision.

Before I proceed let me hasten to say that I am not seeking to divide Covenant Life Church or sow ungodly division.  It was wonderful listening to the audio from the June 28 Members’ Meeting.  Many excellent changes are being introduced and many tremendous things are happening in and through the church.  For instance, the Mission Report from Grant was outstanding!  No, I am seeking to sow truth which clarifies issues and sometimes brings holy division and godly dissent.  This is good and necessary.  The CLC pastors have done well to begin pursuing accountability from church members.  This is a prime opportunity to benefit from their feedback.  Many disagree with Joshua.

Let me proceed.  If C.J. is qualified for ministry then every pastor in the history of SGM removed from ministry is also qualified for ministry (with one exception for repeated immorality).  None of these men’s sins exceeded C.J.’s.  That’s one reason why so many of these men’s struggles with C.J. have only increased over the past year. 

No man I’ve worked with in the past 33 years has demonstrated such a wide spectrum of pride, unteachableness, independence, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, love of reputation, deceit, sinful anger, unfounded judgments, relational abuse, and the unjust treatment of others as evidenced in C.J.’s life and ministry since August 20, 2004 when he was confronted for these very things.  He sinfully took control of that process and he remains in control today.  Nothing has changed.

If Joshua believes C.J. is qualified for ministry then there are no standards for ministry in SGM or CLC.  He should gratefully invite C.J. back on staff and have him lead SGM out of CLC.  Of course, he will have to persuade the church that C.J. is above reproach.  Somehow, I don’t think the church will vote in favor of such a proposal.

This gets to the heart of the matter.  That is why I wanted to drive to Gaithersburg to talk with all the pastors.  The request was rejected and I didn’t receive an answer to my question about C.J.’s qualifications.  Maybe the church will be more successful because this remains the central issue.  Is C.J. above reproach?  Joshua says yes.  I say no.  A year ago Joshua was uncertain.  Today he is convinced (or so it appears).  C.J. will get a lot of mileage out this one.  “Hey Al, Mark, Lig, and every other leader in the world, even Joshua Harris believes I’m qualified for ministry!”  This conclusion has radical implications.  None good.

Joshua and the CLC pastors have backed themselves into a corner.  A year ago they told the church they would not remain with SGM if C.J. returned as President.  Here is some recent interaction between Joshua and a church member (I’ve change their name) leading up to the Members' Meeting on June 28.

06/23/2012 at 7:04 pm

Hi Josh – 

Will you be including all the questions that CLC has previously sent to SGM but have yet not received any answers from them to date, and, can you confirm that CJ is again President of SGM (no longer “interim” President), and if that is the case, how will that affect the direction of CLC going forward and our relationship to SGM?




06/24/2012 at 6:32 am

Hey Karen,  

We shared the questions we’ve sent the board at our last coffee & questions and I’d be happy to share those again at our next one.  But we’ll wait till after our July 6th meeting and see how that conversation goes.  CJ told me personally and he stated in his public letter that he would only be president for a short time (a matter of months) and I agreed that this was wise and the right decision.  I’ve had no confirmation from the board that this has changed.  If it does...well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Can’t answer right now.  Grace to you!



06/28/2012 at 2:37 pm

Hi Josh –

New update on the SGM website confirming that CJ is indeed the President (not interim) of SGM. Perhaps we might hear your thoughts on that and have some preliminary answers to my questions above at tonight’s Members Meeting. 

Thanks so much!


Joshua avoided the subject of C.J.’s return as President at the Member’s Meeting.  He came to the bridge but he didn’t cross it.  He needs to put on his walking shoes, get across that bridge, and get on down the road.  Here’s the dilemma, declaring C.J. fit to plant a church and be a senior pastor makes his travel far more difficult.  How does he reject C.J. as President now?

Furthermore, applying the “C.J. standard” to church members means no one need be concerned about church discipline except for sexual sins of a serious nature or felonies under the law.  In fact, pastors like Kenneth, Grant, and Robin can be domineering, unteachable, and hypocritical.  They don’t have to be accountable to anyone, participate in small groups, or talk to the others pastors about major life decisions.  They can deceive the other pastors when called to account, leave the church offended and without counsel, rant and rave about the hostility of CLC, silence concerned brothers by calling them slanderers, and then go plant a new church and take people with them.  All the while they remain above reproach.  You know what, I want a job at CLC!  Talk about job security!  Come to think of it, if the “C.J. standard” was applied to me, I wouldn’t need a new job because I’d still be the pastor of Grace Community Church just north of Charlotte, NC. 

Furthermore, Joshua really can’t discipline or rebuke church members if he is not willing to discipline or rebuke C.J.  He can’t remove people from membership if he won't remove C.J. from ministry.  He can’t hold pastors to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 if he doesn't hold C.J. to them.  He can’t rebuke elders who continue in sin if he doesn't rebuke C.J. for continuing in sin.  If any member or pastor gets into trouble, he need only play the C.J. card. 

C.J. has not repented.  Sanctification has not occurred.  Proven character has not been grown.  He has backslid from a year ago when he was ready to face his deceit, provide a thorough response to my documents, and make a public confession.  I was right on the verge of meeting with him when I discovered another of Dave’s deceitful actions and watched C.J. lie yet again.  Joshua is treating C.J.’s sins as trivial.  That is the only way you can conclude C.J. is fit for ministry.

If C.J. is the standard by which future leaders will be judged than there is no standard.  But in plain fact, C.J. is not above reproach by any stretch of the imagination.  He has sinned against more people the past 12 months than any similar period of time going back to 1982 when I started working with him.  Thousands of people have offenses with him now and that is not due to gossip or slander.  For instance, CLC asked him to return to answer some questions with regard to his confession last July.  Instead he left the church the following week and never returned.  How can a man like that be President of SGM?

I’ve been honest regarding my thoughts about Joshua but they equally apply to every pastor in Sovereign Grace who believes C.J. is qualified for ministry.  Many are making an issue out of polity but they are afraid to make an issue out of character.  Leaders must provide moral leadership and express their disagreement with the Preliminary Panel and Three Panel Review.  They must also point out the obvious bias and superficial nature of the report by Ambassadors of Reconciliation.  

Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) has become C.J. Mahaney Ministries (CJMM).  It used to be about a team of men functioning together.  No longer.  It is a one man show.  All roads lead to C.J.  He defines priorities, sets strategic goals, evaluates the leadership team, and controls the budget process. He is the official spokesperson to all SGM churches, the wider Body of Christ, and the general public.  He controls the message and its content.  He has already generated tons of propaganda.  He is also the co-chairman of the powerful Polity Committee.  His committee will determine how SGM is governed and operates.  All SGM conferences will be controlled by him.  He’s already planned the Pastors Conference for this Fall.  All the teachers are fervent admirers.  Each are teaching on “grace” but I’m afraid they will promote an antinomian grace that excuses sins rather than biblical grace that turns us from sin. 

Here’s the point.  C.J. is the almighty.  There is no question that the new Board is zealously building SGM around C.J.  Dave who?  Steve who?  Josh who?  Jeff who?  Pete who?  Aron who?  “The grass withers and the flower fades” except for C.J.  He shines like the noon day sun.

“First, he [C.J.] is to lead the Leadership Team in helping to define each team member’s priorities, in setting strategic goals, in coordinating the evaluation of each team member and the ministry as a whole, and in developing a budget—all this with the Board’s advice and consent.  Second, he is to serve as the spokesman for SGM to our local churches.  Third, he is to serve as a spokesman to the wider body of Christ and the general public. Regarding projects, we’ve asked him to give his primary attention to his leadership role on our Polity Committee and his leadership role for our conference and music ministries.” (John Loftness, June 28, 2012)

By the way, C.J. is going to do all of this in his spare time as a secondary calling and in spite of the fact that he’s not gifted to be the President of SGM by his own admission.  Right!  He’s been the “temporary” President for 7 months.  Now he’s been made the long term President.    

“As I [C.J.] step back into the role as president, I will do so only temporarily.  I think it would be wise for SGM to have a new president who has gifts better suited to serve Sovereign Grace in this next season…. I hope to return to what I believe is my primary calling from God – pastoral ministry and the pulpit.  This plays a significant role in why my return as president is temporary.” (C.J. Mahaney, A note to those in Sovereign Grace Ministries, January 25, 2012)

Chairman Loftness continues.

“While we are in a transitional phase as we develop our polity, the landscape already has changed significantly.  We are positioning C.J. to lead, but the context of his office is quite different.”

“The landscape has significantly changed.”  True, SGM polity has gotten worse in practice.  Dave and Jeff handpicked the interim Board.  All C.J. loyalists.  The interim Board handpicked the new Board.  More C.J. devotees.  The new Board handpicked the Polity Committee.  Loaded it with men who support C.J.’s polity.  Furthermore, the new Board rubber stamped the decision already made by C.J. to move SGM to Louisville and the three review panels were chosen in secret by the interim Board and filled with staunch supporters of C.J.  Partially, favoritism and corruption has characterized each step along the way.

All of this has happened on Dave’s and C.J.’s watch.  SGM is more autocratic than ever.  For the first 6 months it was under Dave deceptive leadership.  For the last six months it’s been under C.J.’s unchallenged leadership.  John says the “office [of President] is quite different.”  That is true but not for the better.  The Board has foolishly positioned C.J. to rule by giving him more authority and power than he’s ever had in the past.  All of things mentioned in C.J.’s job descriptive used to be shared by the apostolic team.  True, we had to combat C.J.’s independence and oppose his impulsive decisions but we attempted to hold C.J. accountable to team ministry.  Now C.J. is his own.  The Board is not holding C.J. accountable.  All they do is commend his every move and rubber stamp his every decision.  They have been, and are, pawns and puppets in his hands.  C.J. has surrounded himself with yes men and gotten rid of anyone that might oppose him or say “no” to him. 

That's why the problem is not only C.J.  The new Board is a major problem starting with its Chairman. Here is their recent assessment of C.J.  “This comprehensive process [of evaluation] has clearly confirmed C.J.’s fitness to lead and his exceptional character as he has graciously endured major trials.”  There has been no comprehensive process and John Loftness knows it.  This so untrue.  For example, I was never granted the opportunity to present my charges against C.J., call witnesses in support of those charges, cross examine C.J. or anyone else, or talk about the destruction of my livelihood through horrendous means.  None of this matters to John.

Bottom line, if you believe C.J.’s “exceptional character” qualifies him to be President of SGM and the center of the SGM universe than this Board’s for you!  If you believe C.J. can flee Covenant Life Church or relocate SGM to Louisville primarily because of offenses than this Board’s for you.  If you believe C.J. can have fractured relationships with Dave Harvey, Ken Sande, Joshua Harris, Mark Mullery, Larry Tomczak, Brent Detwiler and scores of other leaders than the new Board is a perfect fit.  In fact, if you believe Sovereign Grace Ministries should be renamed C.J. Mahaney Ministries than you’re right at home. 

Why?  Because in case you haven’t noticed the Board has made the future of SGM all about C.J.  Not polity.  Not apostolic ministry.  Not praxis.  Not doctrine.  It’s about unqualified support of CJMM.  The main thing for Chairman Loftness is to keep the main thing the main thing.  That’s C.J.  In fact, he’s not the main thing, he’s essentially the only thing.  SGM is officially C.J. centered and the glory of SGM is C.J.  He has “exceptional character,” “graciously endured great trials,” been “the object of an enormous amount of gossip and slander during this past year” and “no one…is better suited for the office of President.”  In the eyes of the Board C.J. has only done right.  He has done no wrong.  That is why they have yet to criticize him. 

In their report, Ambassadors of Reconciliation said, “We admonish people throughout SGM to stop blaming one another, especially trying to place blame on one person or group.”  And recently Joshua said “I want to call all of us to lay aside blame, to stop finger-pointing.”  This is contrary to Scripture in the face of such serious sins that have yet to be acknowledged and have produced such carnage. 

We must assign blame (guilt for wrongdoing) where blame is due.  We must point the finger in the direction of those most guilty.  That begins with C.J.  It does not serve C.J. or the Board to escape accountability. 

Doesn’t anyone read the OT prophets?  They pressed home the iniquity and transgressions of the people and especially their leaders.  Ambassadors of Reconciliation did not do this with C.J. or the Board of Directors.  Now Joshua has joined the Board and AoR in exonerating C.J. by declaring him above reproach and blameless.  So has every pastor in SGM who has not been willing to speak up in public about C.J.’s reproachable conduct.  

A year later we have far more evidence that C.J. is not qualified for ministry.  If you want to do C.J. and SGM any good you must be willing to say so and risk being hated.  It will cost you.  The last nine years have been exceedingly difficult.  In 2004-2005, C.J. turned against me after I led a group effort to confront him.  In 2006-2007, he sought to crush me with abusive tactics.  In 2008-2009, he completely severed our relationship.  In 2009, he allowed Dave Harvey, Gene Emerson, and Bob Kauflin to remove me from ministry by means of a kangaroo court.  I've never been permitted to make my case about any of these realities.

Rather than go public about these realities, I wrote 7 documents for C.J. and the Board of Directors in 2011-2012.  During that time period of time, I wrote the following personal note to my oldest son for his expressions of care.  

From: Brent Detwiler
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 5:38 PM
To: Jonathan Detwiler 
Subject: Re: Personal Update

Thanks for your concern and encouragement.  Each day is difficult.  Some days especially so.  It is a battle.  A fight.  A marathon.  Only God’s grace keeps me going.  Yet, I fully believe God is in this work.  He has sovereignly ordained the affairs of the last 10 years.  In particular these past two years.  I figuratively find myself under “house arrest” like Paul (Acts 28) or hidden away in the Wartburg Castle like Luther.  Paul wrote Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon from his Roman imprisonment.  Luther translated the NT into German while holed up.  Though no Paul or Luther, I am writing treatises I hope will serve SGM.  It is hard.  

I contend with sickness and depression.  They are my enemies but the Lord will sustain me.  The other night I was not well in body or soul.  The task I face is compounded by the relative isolation.  It is largely a work I must do in private with little support.  Yet, your kindnesses provide sweet encouragement.  

A little window into my soul,


One year ago today, I sent out the first four documents to the SGM pastors.  I stayed up most of the night and continued the next morning.  Since then I have written 100 blog posts at  I have prayed and hoped for a softening of hearts but in the providence of God it has resulted in a hardening of hearts. 

Jer 6:10,17 To whom shall I [the Lord of hosts] speak and give warning, that they may hear?   Behold, their ears are uncircumcised, they cannot listen; behold, the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn; they take no pleasure in it… I set watchmen over you, saying, “Pay attention to the sound of the trumpet!” But they said, “We will not pay attention.”

Jer 7:27-28  So you [Jeremiah] shall speak all these words to them, but they will not listen to you.  You shall call to them, but they will not answer you. [28] And you shall say to them, “This is the nation that did not obey the voice of the Lord their God, and did not accept discipline; truth has perished; it is cut off from their lips.”

C.J. has rejected the Word of the Lord.  So too the Board of Directors.  It is an object a scorn.  They pay no attention to it.  They reject discipline.  Truth has perished. 

Jer 9:3 They bend their tongue like a bow; falsehood and not truth has grown strong in the land; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they do not know me, declares the Lord.

Over the past 12 months, C.J. has hardened his heart and become more embittered.  It is time for SGM pastors to declare him unfit for ministry and call for his resignation as President.  If not immediately forthcoming, every pastor should leave CJMM (aka SGM).  Polity has never been the central issue.  Don’t make it the primary issue.  That is a cop out.  Stay true to Scripture, testify against evil, suffer persecution, experience hatred, and lead your church out of SGM.    

Twelve months ago, the most pertinent question was "Is C.J. above reproach?"  The question was never adjudicated but the answer is crystal clear a year later.  Absolutely not. 

I close with a personal note.  Since being removed from ministry in 2009, I've worked for the US Census Bureau, taken a Real Estate course, gone through training to be a certified nurse’s assistant, completed two computer courses and applied for 20-30 jobs.  No success.  One person asked me what kind of work I was doing at present  I told him I was a writer and theologian.  He asked me to explain what a theologian was - he had never heard of such a vocation.       

All that aside.  The Scripture says a laborer is worthy of his wage.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of charging $150 per hour like Ted Kober or having a 250-300k compensation package like C.J.  The only support I receive comes from people who appreciate my labors.  I have never worked harder in all my life.  I am not the watchmen of SGM but I am a watchmen.  Watchmen and prophets don’t get paid well but would you please consider sending a gift or donation for our sustenance?  Thank you.


Please Help - All Gifts & Tax Deductible Contributions Are Kept Strictly Confidential

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