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A Reasoned Response to an Unreasonable Board

Jenny and I were invited to join my son and his wife on vacation on September 9-12.  As a result, I somehow missed the post on September 14 by the SGM Board entitled “A Reasoned Response to Six Questions.”  I just finished reading it for the first time.   

Folks, it is closing curtains for SGM.  No one in their right mind can stay in SGM.  This “reasoned response” is nothing of the kind.  It is an awful piece of disinformation.  So misleading.  So dishonest.  So partial.  So contrary to the facts.  It is exasperating beyond belief.     

The current Board of Directors is carrying on the deceptive tradition of the Interim Board. This is unsurprising given they were handpicked by C.J. and the Interim Board.  For instance, John Loftness and Mickey Connolly were on the Interim Board.  They are also on the current Board and John is now the Chairman.   

This Board is like its predecessor.  It simply can’t be trusted to be impartial or truthful and that is no lie! 

I’ll be working on a reasoned response to this unreasonable Board.  It will be up some time next week.


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