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Reinstatement of C.J. Big News

Today I received the latest edition of World Magazine.  Here is the write up on C.J.’s reinstatement.  I am the sole accuser.  No systemic problems.

“The board of directors of Sovereign Grace Ministries reinstated C.J. Mahaney as president of the Maryland based church-planting ministry.  Last June, Mahaney began a voluntary leave of absence after former Sovereign Grace leader Brent Detwiler accused him of pride, deceit and hypocrisy.  Mahaney said he only plans to resume the role of president temporarily, noting that he would like to return pastoral ministry and the pulpit.” (World Magazine, Feb 25, 2012)

Seven months ago, Ligon Duncan commented on his blog that SGM was taking the high road.  Somehow the “outside review” never materialized and SGM ended up on the low road.

“It would have been very easy for the leadership of SGM to ignore and dismiss these charges, because so many of them are so evidently self-serving and spurious accusations.  But instead, the leadership of SGM has taken the high road, or rather they have chosen to go the way of self-examination, submission to outside review and correction, self-abasement and repentance.  It just makes me love and respect them all the more.” (Ligon Duncan, July 12, 2011)

Al Mohler spoke in similar fashion.  Like DeYoung, Ortlund, and Trueman, he found nothing of concern in my documents. We all know what happened to the “independent investigation.”  It was killed in its infancy by the SGM Board.

“’I always have had only the highest estimation of C.J. Mahaney as a man and a minister,’ Mohler said in an interview.  ‘That continues absolutely unchanged.  There is nothing in this current situation which would leave me to have even the slightest pause of confidence in him.’… Mohler said he believes Mahaney and the Sovereign Grace board are being prudent in planning an independent investigation from people outside the denomination to make sure those involved are above reproach…. ‘There is nothing disqualifying in terms of anything that is disclosed in this [the documents]’” (Peter Smith, newspaper reporter, July 12, 2011)

Expect more of this in the days to come.  Together for the Gospel is coming up on April 10-12.  John MacArthur is no longer counted among the five but expect Dever, Duncan, Mohler (and lesser lights) to heap praise upon C.J. for his humility and the SGM Board for their unbiased investigation.



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