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Eight Reasons Why Sending Out "The Documents" Was Not Slanderous but Necessary

I've posted this new document at  Just click on "The Documents - PDF" in the right hand column for access. Here is the introduction.


I’ve written six blog posts on this critical subject at  I’ve now combined them into this single document for easy access and continuity of thought.  When I sent The Documents to the SGM pastors on July 6, 2011 it was for good reason.  Eight reasons to be exact.  Critics may disagree with my action but I believe it was necessary and in keeping with Scripture.  Here they are. 

  1. C.J.’s deceitful explanation for his leave of absence
  2. The favoritism shown C.J. by the Sovereign Grace Board
  3. The failure of the Covenant Life Pastors to enforce 1 Timothy 5:19-21
  4. Being made out to be the only witness against C.J.
  5. The necessity of telling the Church (Matthew 18:15-17)
  6. The denial of sin problems in Sovereign Grace Ministries
  7. The deceit of Dave Harvey and the Sovereign Grace Board
  8. The need to speak against evil 

Since sending them out, Sovereign Grace Ministries has done all in their power to prevent people from reading The Documents.  In particular, they’ve attacked their credibility by labeling them “gossip” and “slander.”  Several well-known evangelical leaders have followed their example.  But due to the Providence of God, they have been unsuccessful in keeping my appeal for change from getting out.    

I have always desired the reform of Sovereign Grace Ministries, never its demise.  That goal is clear in each of my documents.  But for the reasons explicated here it was necessary to inform the pastors of SGM of the issues at hand hoping their collective appeal would bring C.J. and others to repentance.  That continues to be my redemptively hope and earnest prayer.       

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