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All Is Lost!

I just read Dave Harvey's blog post.  There is no hope for truth and justice.  

Dave repeatedly quotes me out of context.  For example, "unjust" and "bogus." Two words completely removed from their sentences and paragraphs and posts.  It is just more spin. Honestly, I can't keep up.  I could write forever.  It is exhausting.  I have never done this with C.J. or SGM.  I always quote at length and in context.  Not Dave.  That is the only way he can get away with his spin.

The three panels Dave puts forth will be mini-kangaroo courts by definition.  I won't have any idea what people are saying. I can't cross examine their statements.  I can't challenge what they say.  As a result, the panels won't be able to discern the lies, deceit, and "faulty" memory of those who testify against me like Bob Kauflin, Gene Emerson, and Eric Kircher. This brings back really bad nightmares!  They've learned nothing about due process. 

If SGM was interested in truth they would allow every statement to be contested by me.  That is why the adjudication hearing was so important.  Every statement to panelists must be cross examined and must be backed up by primary source documents.  Not memory.  Memory often kills the truth.  People can say anything if memory is their guide.  This won't happen now and I've never done so.  I've always sighted documents or quotes that were recorded or written down verbatim.  Not SGM.  They have never refuted me with documents.  Never corrected me with evidence.

If Dave Harvey and the SGM Board are really interested in the truth they would allow for an open trial. Let it be recorded.  Let it be videotaped.  Let it be streamed live on the internet.  But this will never happened.  They are obsessed with controlling the message and the process.

They don't tell you so but it is only under extreme pressure from the SGM pastors, the AoR representatives, and people like Ken Sande and Jim Pappadeas that the SGM Board was effectively forced to allow the additional steps outlined in Dave's blog post.  Nevertheless, they are still in control even though they consented to these capitulations.

Let's get honest.  Let me speak before all of the movement.  The SGM Board has now buried my voice. I've been shoved into "Group Reconciliation."  But I've said all I can possibly say to AoR.  If Ted Kober has any questions about what I've told him or the 1,000 pages I've sent him, he is welcome to call me. I am glad to talk.  Dave distorts my view so badly and so often in his post.

So, let's do a real hearing in front of all the movement.  No behind the scenes maneuverings.  No back door discussions. No confidential conversations.  Just evidence, witnesses, honestly and accountability. Let C.J. defend himself if my "rantings and ravings" are so outrageous.  It should be an easy effort. Remember folks, the entire SGM Board already declared that nothing in my writings gave them any concern that C.J. might not be above reproach.  Great.  Prove it but let every one hear my prosecution and C.J.'s defense.  

Dave's blog post contains so, so, so many errors!  No one should believe what he says about me. Killing the adjudication hearing was a means to silencing me.  They don't want me to speak.  And I repeatedly agreed to meet if they simply provided me honest answers and saw the need for a public confession by C.J.   That's all.  But they have never referenced this.  Yet it is plan in all of my writings.  They promised to answer my questions, points and illustrations but they broke their word and none of them every saw any need for C.J. to confess anything in public.  That is why we never met.  Read my documents for the truth not Dave's blog posts which are false. 

And last of all for tonight.  It is part of the SGM plan to make it sound like I am the only one who has raised very seriously concerns for C.J. and SGM.  This too is spin par excellence.  It could not be further from the truth.  I challenge the SGM Board to release to the public every letter, email, and FB message they have received since July 6.  If they did, it would scare the daylights out of every SGM member.


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