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Get Out of Jail Free Card for C.J. – No Adjudication Hearing

There will be no hearing of charges against C.J. Mahaney.  Like the board game, Monopoly, C.J. was given a get out of jail free card from the Sovereign Grace Board of Directors this week.      

That’s right, the SGM Board has adamantly refused to have C.J. appear before his peers so they can evaluate charges against him.  There will be no trial.  There will be no defense.  There will be no hearing.  There will be no evidence.   The Board refuses to let me present witnesses and a fact based case against C.J.  He is off Scott Free.  And the Board won’t listen to any appeals to the contrary.  They are moving on so get out of the way or you’ll be run over. 

I wrote Dave Harvey the following.

From: Brent Detwiler  
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2011 4:52 PM
To: Aron Osborne; C. J. Mahaney; Craig Cabaniss; Dave Harvey; Jeff Purswell; John Loftness; Mark Prater; Mickey Connolly; Pete Greasley; Rick Gamache; Steve Shank
Cc: Adam Malcolm; Ben Wikner; Bob Schickler; Braden Greer; Corby Megorden; Dave Brewer; Don DeVries; Eric Sheffer; Eric Simmons; Grant Layman; Greg Somerville; Issac Hydoski; Jamie Leach; Joe Lee; Jon Smith; Joshua Harris; Kenneth Maresco; Mark Mitchell; Matt Maka; Robin Boisvert
Subject: Mini-Mona Lisa

Dave, here is what you wrote me on Wednesday.  My response follows.

Hi Brent, hope you are well today.

The letter I sent on Monday appealed to you to have your pastor contact us, reaffirmed our desire to pursue reconciliation, and urged you to deliver your feedback in the group reconciliation process through a phone conference with AOR.  But that letter also informed you that the door for adjudication was closed – so yes, that was our final word on the topic of adjudication.  But we can make arrangements today if you desire to take the next step towards reconciliation.  We really hope and pray you’ll consider this.

On behalf of the board,


These four sentences are full of deceptive lies.  The next step toward reconciliation is adjudication!  It has always been that way and you know it Dave.  You pretend to want reconciliation but kill the very possibility by killing adjudication without even blushing.  You have no shame.  Let me answer your incredulous response. 

First, my position on reconciliation has been clear from the beginning though you purposely misrepresent me.  On July 6, I told Ted Kober I’d probably participate in an adjudication hearing as a first step.  That’s what I am asking for now.  I told him if that process went well then I would consider mediation.  You know that Dave.  So if you were really interested in reconciliation you would agree to an adjudication hearing and make sure it was fair and just so mediation could follow.  That is why Ted made the following notation in the Consultation Report from August 25.

“Due to the long-standing and current conflicts, the SGM Board may consider implementing Recommendation #3 [Adjudication of Charges Against C.J. Mahaney] prior to Recommendation #2 [Group Reconciliation Services]. (p. 20)

Once again you are to blame for no forward progress.  Your spin will not work.  You are a master painter but the one thing you can’t draw is a straight line.  Everything you paint is crooked.  This is another example.  Let me restate the facts.  If you had any concern for reconciliation there would be an adjudication hearing.  In saying no to a hearing, you are saying no to reconciliation.  Let’s be honest for a change.

And if you were men of your word there would be an adjudication hearing even if C.J. refused to show up.  This citation comes from the Consultation Report. 

The parties in the case should be C.J. Mahaney as the respondent (or accused) and Brent Detwiler as the complainant (or accuser). Should either party not appear to present their case after being duly notified of hearing details, the hearing should continue in their absence considering all the evidence and testimony available to the panel. However, as in any adjudicatory process, written evidence presented without oral first-hand testimony or without opportunity for cross examination normally would not receive the same weight as oral first-hand testimony with opportunity for cross examination. (AoR Consultation Report, August 24, p. 19)

Dave, you promised to act upon all their recommendations.  Once again you are breaking your word.  I should be allowed to make my case to the five man panel whether or not C.J. participates.  Here is what you wrote on the SGM blog.

Today we received the consultation report from Ambassadors of Reconciliation. It includes three areas where they and others will be involved in helping us: 

  1. Adjudication of allegations against C.J. Mahaney
  2. Group reconciliation with others who have offenses
  3. Follow-up consultation and recommendations 

We plan on following their recommendations in full.

Second, you know I already provided my feedback to Ted Kober during a two hour interview in which I outlined all my concerns for you, C.J. and SGM.  I’ve also provided him close to 1, 000 pages of documentation.  There is no reason to do another interview.  Don’t say “I…urged you to deliver your feedback in the group reconciliation process through a phone conference with AOR.”  I’ve given them more input then they can process.  Don’t make it sound like I am unwilling to participate in an interview as part of the Group Reconciliation.  That is spin. 

From: Mellisa Richholt
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 11:12 AM
To: Brent Detwiler
Subject: Confirming?

Dear Brent,

I am checking back to make sure you will be able to make the interview appointment with Ambassadors of Reconciliation during the group reconciliation assistance at SGM at 8:00 am on Thursday, November 10th.  If that time is not possible, we could work towards another time slot.

Yours in Christ,

Melissa Richholt

Administrative Assistant 

From: Brent Detwiler
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 11:33 AM
To: Mellissa Richholt; Ted Kober
Subject: RE: Confirming?

Hello Melissa,

I have already done an interview with Ted in which I outlined all my concerns for SGM.  There is no need for a second one.  I’ve also provided him nearly 1,000 pages in documentation.  He is intimately aware of all aspects of my thinking regarding the abuses and deceit in SGM.  There is nothing more to add.  My presentation of concerns has been altogether comprehensive.



From: Brent Detwiler 
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 2:52 PM
To: Dave Harvey; SGM Board
Cc: CLC Pastors;Ted Kober; Edgar Keinath; Ken Sande
Subject: Don't Misrepresent

Don’t misrepresent me again.  There is no need for another interview. 

Third, you may be hearing from my pastors but if so they will be appealing for your repentance.  They are highly trained and well respected evangelicals.  From what I gather, they’d probably describe your behavior as cult like.  Dave, you are the one in need of pastoral care and repentance.  In fact, have your pastors’ contact me or my pastors if you ever show any signs of remorse that could lead to reconciliation.  We’ll await their call.   

Fourth, you can “reaffirm” your desire for reconciliation from now until Kingdom come, but if you don’t acknowledge any wrong or allow for adjudication it is all a pretense, a show, a façade, a cruel joke.  I want reconciliation but not a phony one.  That is why I am willing to go through the hearing even though the scales of justice are weighed against me.  Stop your boasting.  If you want reconciliation we would be working out arrangements for an adjudication proceeding.  

So “we can make arrangements today if you desire to take the next step towards reconciliation.”  Give me and my pastors a call and let’s start up the adjudication hearing!




Then yesterday I followed up with Dave again in this lengthy email.

From: Brent Detwiler
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2011 6:06 PM
To: Aron Osborne; C. J. Mahaney; Craig Cabaniss; Dave Harvey; Jeff Purswell; John Loftness; Mark Prater; Mickey Connolly; Pete Greasley; Rick Gamache; Steve Shank
Cc: Ted Kober; Edgar Keinath; Ken Sande; Andrew Mahr; Bob Kauflin; Tony Reinke; Tommy Hill; Gary Ricucci; Adam Malcolm; Ben Wikner; Bob Schickler; Braden Greer; Corby Megorden; Dave Brewer; Don DeVries; Eric Sheffer; Eric Simmons; Grant Layman; Greg Somerville; Issac Hydoski; Jamie Leach; Joe Lee; Jon Smith; Joshua Harris; Kenneth Maresco; Mark Mitchell; Matt Maka; Robin Boisvert
Subject: No Repentance, No Reconciliation, No Hearing of Charges

There is no reconciliation with God without genuine repentance.  Paul the apostle said, “I preached that they should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds” (Acts 26:20).

It is also true; there is no reconciliation between men without genuine repentance.  That is, repentance evidenced by deeds that all can see and judge.  You, C.J. and the Board claim to want reconciliation but you are unwilling to repent.  Therefore, reconciliation is impossible.  Let me ask some questions.  What specific sins have you acknowledged?  What specific abuses have you renounced?  When have you made public confessions? To which churches you ruined have you returned?  Which men have been disciplined for their abuse and deceit?  Where have you restored reputations that you destroyed?  The answer is never and nowhere!  You have taken the discipline of the Lord lightly.

Dave you know there are at least 60 former pastors and administrators who are waiting for you to repent, confess, and make restitution.  You conceal this kind of information.  These men are not reconciled to you because you have not dealt with your sins against them.  There has been no sackcloth, ashes and wailing by you, C.J. or others (Jer. 6:26).  Just feeble rationalizations, excuses or superficial acknowledgments.   

I have presented 1,000 pages of documentation to the SGM Board.  No one has repented as a result.  Not you, not Steve Shank, not Bob Kauflin, not Gene Emerson, not Mickey Connolly, not anyone.  C.J. has confessed to some things but none of the most serious sins.  And collectively, the SGM Board has confessed absolutely no sin to the pastors or the movement.  Every public statement made by you is vague and full of qualifications.  For instance, your comments Dave at the end of the SGM Mission Video are going to make many people gasp and gag.  Your “confession” is anemic.  There is no conviction, no illumination, and no contrition just like statements that proceeded.  All we hear is “I’m sorry.  We’re listening.  We want to do better.  We’re trying.  It wasn’t our best communication.  We’re tweaking our polity.  The best is yet to come.  I’m more hopeful than ever.”     

Now you have slammed the door on an adjudication hearing and bolted it shut.  King Kong couldn’t open it.  The Board’s decision clearly means you do not want an airing of the evidence against C.J., yourself and others.  You are running from the truth as fast as you can.  This further destroys your credibility.

There is no legitimate reason in the entire world to refuse my appeal (and that of many others including Ken Sande) and forbid an adjudication hearing.  At this point, you are afraid of the truth in the form of facts, evidence, proofs, and witnesses which now number 60 pastors/administrators and that does not include former Care Group leaders and members, whose number runs into the hundreds/thousands in testimony against you. 

In spite of your unresponsiveness, God has worked in mysterious ways.  For this I am grateful.  By grace, I have been a blessing to some people but I am most encouraged by the fact that many people are helping one another deal with the trauma experienced in SGM.  Others see it so clearly but you remain blind and indifferent.  Pastors like this one have received no help from you.  They write you.  They appeal to you.  But you don’t respond with brokenness and contrition.  This has happened more times than I can count.  

I love you friend.  You were a big part of God’s healing in my life and a pivotal part of helping me get past what happened.  Before you called, I thought I was the only one, thought I damaged goods.  I am grateful for you.  In many ways you have made the potential for ministry possible for me again.  There now exist a reasonable (though sad) explanation for what happened at our church.  For SGM no doubt you have been a huge headache, for me and the rest of the guys you have been a huge blessing.  

At this point, the evidence against you is so great, you can’t even risk having a SGM Board member and four SGM pastors hear the truth for fear of the outcome.  They might actually declare C.J. unfit to be President.  What would you do then?  That scares you!  Dave, you can spin things every which way, but there is no denying you are locking the lid on the garage so no one sees or smells the trash inside.  This is one more example of your control, lording, manipulation, and deceit.  You are not concerned about integrity, transparency and purity.  You are concerned about saving your skin.     

Furthermore, it is an evidence of your pride that you are not willing to listen to the SGM pastors.  You’re afraid to let them have a say regarding the reinstatement of the adjudication hearing because the majority will overrule you and you know it.  This is another clear example of your arrogance, independence and authoritarianism.  You are unaccountable.  Self-interest and self-preservation control you.  Dave, by this decision, you and the Board continue to conceal the truth.  You can come up with all kinds of fanciful reasons like you do in your letter to me on Monday but the truth is plain.  You are hiding in the dark unwilling to have your deeds exposed by the light!  And the Group Reconciliation won’t bring anything out into the open.  You know that also.  No one should ever trust you!

None of this should be happening.  Long ago, C.J. should have made a detailed and public confession and stepped down.  C.J.’s sins are more numerous and more serious than the vast amount of men who have stepped down and made confession over the past 30 years and they weren’t the President of SGM who should be held to the highest standard.  The lowest standard has been applied to C.J.  The favoritism shown him is beyond comprehension.  No one in the history of the movement could do what C.J. has done to such a long list of men who want to testify against him and but are now silenced because the SGM Board has shut down a process for the hearing of evidence.  This is pure demagoguery.

I suspect the spin machine will be full throttle at the Pastors Conference on November 8-10.  It will probably include a nominal confession by C.J.  But there will be no reference to lying, deceit, abuse of authority, rejection of people who disagree, lording over processes, favoritism, manipulation, hypocrisy, and independence.  These are the real reasons you won’t allow an adjudication hearing.  You know all these charges are easily proven by one illustration or witness after another.

What follows is one long email I sent four months ago to the CLC pastors and the old SGM Board.  It was written at a hopeful point in time.  The Covenant Life pastors were preparing to meet with C.J. and C.J. was considering my input regarding deceit, promising to write me, and ready to make a public confession.  I’ve talked about the first half of this email elsewhere (e.g. “C.J.’s Foxhole Conversion” at on October 13).  I included suggestions for how to structure the Pastors Conference.  Things could be so different today if C.J. and the SGM Board stayed the course. 

From: Brent Detwiler 
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2011 2:02 PM
To: Boisvert, Robin; Bradshaw, Mike; Brewer, Dave; Chesemore, Brian; DeVries, Don; Greer, Braden; Harris, Joshua; Hydoski, Isaac; Layman, Grant; Leach, Jamie; Lee, Joe; Maka, Matt; Malcolm, Adam; Maresco, Kenneth; Megorden, Corby; Mitchell, Mark; Sheffer, Eric; Simmons, Eric; Smith, Jon; Somerville, Greg; Wikner, Ben; Ennis, Pat; Ennis, Pat; Gary Ricucci; Harvey, Dave; John Loftness; Kauflin, Bob; Ken Sande; Mahaney, C. J.; Purswell, Jeff; Tommy Hill; Tony Reinke; Steve Shank
Subject: Tell It to the Church - On Hold


Greetings to all – Jesus is alive!

Let me say, I am relieved, grateful and glad to hold on further action.  The note from the pastoral team was of particular encouragement.   

From: Joshua Harris
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 6:29 PM
To: Brent Detwiler; Robin Boisvert; Mike Bradshaw; Dave Brewer; Brian Chesemore; Don DeVries; Braden Greer; Isaac Hydoski; Grant Layman; Jamie Leach; Joe Lee; Matt Maka; Adam Malcolm; Kenneth Maresco; Corby Megorden; Mark Mitchell; Erik Sheffer; Eric Simmons; Jon Smith; Greg Somerville; Ben Wikner; Kevin Rogers; Dave Harvey; C.J. Mahaney; Jeff Purswell
Subject: Tell It to the Church - On Hold

June 24, 2011

Dear Brent,

Thank you for your recent email and exhortation to our pastoral team.  Many men on the team would not have been aware of the history that you detailed for us.  As we read these documents, there were men recounting the significant role (one man through tears) you have played in their spiritual walk, including teaching us in the Pastors College, sermons given at Celebrations and Covenant Life and in your partnership in advancing the gospel.  We sincerely thank God for you, brother, and the investment you have made into many of us.

Upon receiving your email with the attached documents, Josh asked every man to read all of the attachments, and immediately set a time for our team to discuss the contents and to bring our own questions that we would want to ask CJ.  During this all day meeting, it was evident that the entire team was very concerned and greatly troubled by what we were reading.  Various men expressed great concern for CJ, along with sadness and grief over CJ’s apparent sin of which we were unaware.

The team has scheduled a meeting with CJ next week, in which we will ask him to respond to the concerns your documents have raised for us.  We feel an obligation as a pastoral team to respond without partiality and to help the process of confession of sin and reconciliation of broken relationships.  And we are determined, as the elders of Covenant Life, to remain involved in this process. We think the involvement of the independent panel is a needed step and we will participate fully and forthrightly with their interview and evaluation process.

Because of your concern about the process to date, you have indicated that you plan to send these documents to a broader group of leaders.  Would you be willing to postpone that action until we have time to process this fully with CJ and question him directly regarding the specific charges and allegation you are bringing to him?  Thank you for your demonstrated commitment to resolving this process as shown by your restraint in not sending these documents out already.

Brent, we love you as a brother in Christ.  Your years of service in Sovereign Grace have touched all the churches, including our own.  We do not view you as an enemy.  We want to see God use this process to refine and strengthen Sovereign Grace.  Thank you again for writing.  We continue to pray with you that God would be glorified in the process.


The Pastors of Covenant Life Church

Barring a dramatic response from C.J. and the CLC elders, I planned to send out “Tell It to the Church” tomorrow morning (see attached).  I wrote it this past Thursday morning after sending C.J. the following questions. 

From: Brent Detwiler
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 9:15 AM
To: C.J. Mahaney
Subject: Change of Heart?

Dear C.J.,

I ask the following questions with grace and tenderness of heart.  Have you had a change of heart and mind?  If so, are you willing to provide me a complete and thorough response to RRF&D, AFA, and CR in preparation for a meeting between us?  And are you willing to walk in the light by publicly confessing the sins I’ve addressed?

I mean you no harm.  These are redemptive requests designed to serve you and the movement you lead.  Please provide me a response in the next day or two.

With sincere affection,


C.J., I am also grateful for your response. 

From: C.J. Mahaney
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 12:44 PM
To: Brent Detwiler
Cc: Dave Harvey; Jeff Purswell; Joshua Harris; Tommy Hill; Tony Reinke; Ken Sande; John Loftness; Bob Kauflin; Gary Ricucci; Carolyn Mahaney; Chad Mahaney
Subject: Change of Heart?


Thank you for your affection and care.  I trust you know I feel the same toward you. 

In answer to your question, yes, I am changing my mind in regard to your request to give a more thorough response to your documents.  At the same time, I am committed to making a public confession, as detailed below.

The men around have challenged me to go back again and seek to dig deeper into the issues you've brought.  I can’t guarantee that I will meet all of your expectations, but I promise to make my very best effort to address your concerns.  I won’t pretend this is easy, but I assume there is more of my sin I can perceive and I want to perceive it all.  Brent, I know my sin has deeply hurt you and others and I want to more clearly acknowledge this wherever I can.  I want to benefit from all God has for me in your documents.  Most important I want to examine my heart more thoroughly and invite the help of others as I need their help in order to see my sin.  Please pray that God would give me the gift of sight as I continue to examine your documents and my heart.

So here is how I plan to proceed.    

  1. I will be meeting with the broader CLC pastoral team next week to hear their perspective and receive their correction.
  2. I am very eager to meet with the independent panel and hear their perspective and receive their correction as they study your documents and interview all the people involved.  Since I haven’t any history with these folks I hope their objective evaluation will help them to perceive my sin more accurately and serve me as I hear their perspective and receive their correction.  In order to gain the time to focus properly on this process, I am even considering taking a leave of absence.
  3. I am going to contact David Powlison to ask him to review your documents, and to set up a series of meetings with David so I can benefit from his correction and counsel.
  4. In attempting to give a more thorough response to the three documents, my plan was to give particular attention to the 15 areas of concern/sin you think I have yet to perceive or acknowledge.  I'd like to hear your thoughts on this approach.
  5. I will also revisit your 15 areas of concern/sin with the board and make sure I have heard any and all concerns they might have related to these areas.  
  6. As a result of these steps, my plan is to provide you with my response to your documents that specifically addresses your primary areas of concern.

I also plan to make a public confession to the Sovereign Grace pastors.  My hope is to do this at our November conference although it’s possible this could take place at an earlier date.  I want my confession to be as fully informed as possible, so I’d like to get the benefit of the independent review process before making it.  It’s also my preference to make this confession in person with the pastors rather than by e-mail.  I want these men to hear my confession and hopefully perceive my conviction/sorrow as well as ask their forgiveness.  I also intend to continue confessing personally to any other people who have been directly impacted by my sin, including former pastors or members within SGM.  And once God has given me a clear understanding of my sin and its impact on others, I anticipate that it will be beneficial for me to make a wider confession to the general public about God’s correction and refinement in my life.

So it is my determined intention to continue to pursue a rigorous evaluation of my heart, involving those inside Sovereign Grace as well as those outside Sovereign Grace who do not have history with me.  I take your charges seriously and I want to do all I can to convince you of this.  Most importantly I want to please and glorify God by walking humbly before him by his grace.  Thanks for helping me to do this.

In His grace,   


I do not see this as a private matter or something confined to me and C.J.  It is much broader and I hope radical action will follow that addresses all the issues.  Here are some thoughts to consider in planning the Leadership Conference on November 8-10.

  1. Have Joshua lead the conference, not C.J. or Dave.  Opening remarks must have guests in mind.
  2. Do away with seminars.
  3. No guest speakers.
  4. Don’t permit C.J. or Dave to teach at the Conference.
  5. Set apart one or two sessions for C.J.’s confession.  He should take his time, not be rushed, and share at length and in depth.
  6. Dedicate a separate session for C.J. and Larry to talk about their reconciliation and express regret for the bad fruit that resulted.  Ask both men to share their history, sins against one another and lessons learned.  Someone thank them afterward for their leadership over the years.
  7. Set aside time for Dave, Steve Shank, Bob Kauflin and Gene Emerson to make public confessions.
  8. Have Joshua preach on lessons learned and the way forward including comments about lording and spiritual abuse.  Also about how to deal with disillusionment and loss of trust in leaders we respected.  Also make statements about the idolization of men, mistakes made by SGM in this regard, corrective measures, honoring to a fault, etc.
  9. Have Grant preach on team ministry, plurality, lying, integrity, deceit, hypocrisy.  Give a warning to sr. pastors who are like C.J. and staffs who remain silent in order to stay in favor with the sr. pastor.  In my opinion, the sr. pastors are too powerful and have too much authority.  The other pastors on staff are beholden to them.  This should be addressed head on.  Commend Joshua for his leadership at CLC.
  10. Dedicate time for staffs to interact and fellowship over what they are hearing.  Alert staffs before the conference so they plan extra time during the conference to interact as a group. 
  11. Think through what special encouragement, instruction and fellowship should be provided for the wives.  Gary and Betsey R. could lead a session.  Bring plenty of tissues…for Gary of course.
  12. Have Kenneth preach on the fear of man, man pleasing, favoritism, courage, face saving, flattery, love of reputation, wanting to look good, willingness to take a stand, willingness to suffer.
  13. Have C.J. alert all the SGM pastors in advance regarding the nature of the conference.  Provide them a condensed written confession.

Some thoughts to consider in general.

  1. Plan to provide the senior pastors with a recorded confession from C.J. that can be played in the churches on the Sunday after the Conference (Nov 13).  Have Joshua add concluding remarks.
  2. Have each sr. pastor tell their church on Nov 6 about the nature of the upcoming Leadership Conference, ask for prayer and indicate a recorded confession from C.J. will be played the following Sunday so the people are not totally shocked. 
  3. Provide a written statement to the blogs they can post.  Talk to Kris (Survivors) and Jim (Refuge) in advance of the conference and explain what is going on.  Thank them, if that is possible, for their efforts.
  4. Have C.J. take a leave of absence.
  5. Consider significant salary reductions for C.J., Dave, and Bob.  Maybe 50%.
  6. Provide a written report to men like Mark Dever, Mark Driscoll, Ligon Duncan, John MacArthur, Al Mohler, Burk Parson, John Piper, David Powlison, Ken Sande, R.C. Sproul.  Ask them for their assistance in caring for C.J. and holding him accountable in the future.
  7. Look into Steve’s handling of Benny Phillips, Keith Jacobs, Paul Palmer, Dave Bendinelli; Dave Harvey and Rick Gamache’s handling of Dan McIntosh; Dave’s handling of Don Shorey and Joe McMillian.  Some of these men maybe unwilling to talk due to fear, distrust, or hopelessness.
  8. Have Dave return to Kingsway in Richmond and ask forgiveness.  He has done great harm there.

Some thoughts for your meeting with C.J. next week.

  1. In addition to reviewing my documents with C.J. share your visceral reactions to what you read.  He needs to know what you think and feel.
  2. Be committed to sharing your own experiences or observations of C.J.  He must see the systemic nature of his sins.  They are not confined to me. 
  3. Ask C.J. about the correction he has received from the Board of Directors and other men.  For example, Dave Bendinelli.
  4. Be honest and be firm.  This is not a time to be soft spoken.   

I’ve done some minor editing in each of my documents.  Nothing substantial except for the section entitled, “C.J.’s Letter to PDI Pastors Regarding Larry – May 19, 1997.”  I expanded it based upon an interview Larry did with The Washington Times in 2008.  I’ve also added footnotes.  You’ll find attached the final editions and new material as a complete record.  I’m sending it to everyone involved with the exception of Carolyn and Chad.  All of this material should be forwarded to the panel of mediators and David Powlison.   

If God gives me the strength, I plan to write two more parts for a total of five.  The fourth part will be called “The Untold Story.”  I’ve attached the material I’ve written so far.  A lot more work remains but it will give you a good feel for the trajectory I’ve mapped out.  It conveys the devastating events surrounding my resignation.  I hope others can learn from this account.

Thank you C.J. for continuing the race.  It is not easy but the finish line is in view.  Of course, the end is always the hardest part of a race but the reward will be sweet.  Keep going my friend.  I have confidence in you.

And thank you brothers for faithfully executing your responsibilities as shepherds.  I am indebted to you!  I also appreciate your personal sentiments.  They are meaningful. 

“The grace withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isa 40:8)

My heart rejoices in God my Savior.



Dave, over the last two years you, C.J. and the Board have acted like a slick politicians.  You never answer the questions you’re asked.  You just tell people what you want them to hear hoping they will believe it if you say it enough times.  But you offer no proofs for the points you make.  And you don’t refute the points made against you.  It’s like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  He produces no proof the Holocaust never occurred and he doesn’t refute the evidence showing it did.  He just keeps telling his lie and people in Iran actually believe him. 

You also deflect criticism by focusing the audience on something irrelevant.  Or you attack (SGM Blog Post on July 13) or demean or criticize the person bringing the observations.  For example, my style of writing.  Who cares if I use literary devices you don’t like but are found in the Bible when you’re facing charges of lying, abuse, manipulation, for which you give no answers.  You have no sense of proportionality. 

You have missed the mark.  Churches will now leave Sovereign Grace Ministries and rightly so.  Other churches will split and experience great upheaval.  Elderships will divide over whether to remain in SGM.  Pastors will be forced out when a majority want to stay.  More people will be devastated.  More people will be disillusioned.  More people will lapse from the faith.  More youth will be derailed.  But you don’t care about these matters.  Not really.  You care more about keeping your positions and kingdom intact.  It is like watching the events in Tunisia, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Libya.  Sooner or later, I’m afraid you will be toppled as the truth gets out and your corruption becomes more widely known. 

Dave, your decision to silence justice, leaves me little choice but to make my case against you and others.  I have been silent about such matters.  I’ve held back hoping you will repent.  There are so many clear examples of abuse and deceit I have not shared.  So, you won’t be hearing from my pastors but your pastors will be hearing from me.        

One last time, I appeal for your repentance and call for a just adjudication of the evidence.  Seek his Kingdom and his righteousness first, not your own.  If not, I commend you in prayer to the judgment and mercy of God.