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The Tragic Lessons of Penn State — A Call to Action by Al Mohler

The tragic lessons of Penn State University are the tragic lessons of Sovereign Grace Ministries.  C.J. has conducted himself like Graham B. Spanier and John Loftness has conducted himself like Joe Paterno.  As Al Mohler points out, “When the facts became known, the firings of both Paterno and Spanier were inevitable and necessary.  Both men had credible knowledge that young boys were being sexually abused, and neither did anything effective to stop it.  Most crucially, neither man did what they should have done within minutes of hearing the first report — contact law enforcement immediately.” 

The SGM Board of Directors should have followed Mohler’s advice by firing C.J. and John as a moral necessity based upon their internal investigation.  They know these men are guilty of allowing sexual predation to effectively continue.  They know C.J. and John purposely chose to not contact law enforcement.  They don’t need a jury trial.  Instead they let C.J. “transition” as President and John “resign” as Chairman while providing bogus cover stories for them.  I don’t know how they sleep at night.  

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Interview with Boz Tchividjian an Absolute Must Read!

This interview with Boz Tchividjian is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ on the prevention of sex abuse and the prosecution of sex abusers in the Church.  It was posted by Rachel Held Evans on March 18.  Only today was I able to read it closely.  It deals with root issues and provides sage wisdom.  It should be read by everyone!  One victim I’ve talked with told me she asked her SGM pastor to involve Boz in her horrific situation.  She was told his services were not needed.  As a result, an entire family was devastated because the pastor and his colleagues were proud and church centered in their response.  They failed to follow anything counseled in this interview.  The suffering that followed was and is unimaginable.  

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