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The SGM Council of Elders Issue Statement Commending C.J. Mahaney & Condemning Brent Detwiler

The SGM Council of Elders posted a statement on their website today that commends C.J. Mahaney and condemns me.  It comes as no surprise.  I've know about it for the past three months.  I am preparing a response that I will post on Friday, Aug 9.  I don't want to rush a response.  This is another defining moment.


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Gary Ricucci & the Conspiracy Surrounding Convicted Felon, David Adams

Gary Ricucci is a Defendant in the Second Amended Complaint and an alleged co-conspirator in aiding and abetting sex offenders.  He works with C.J. Mahaney in Louisville, Kentucky.  His biography appears on the church’s website.  

“Drawing on over 35 years of pastoral experience, Gary serves Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville primarily through pastoral care.  In his day job he serves as Director of Student Care for the pastor for the men and families in the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors College.  He is married to Betsy and they have two daughters, two sons and four grandchildren.  Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville is the second church Gary has planted with C.J.” 

Ricucci has been around since the beginning.  The first church he “planted with C.J.” is a reference to Covenant Life Church (CLC) in 1977 though he and C.J. did not plant it alone.  Larry Tomczak, C.J. and a group of men planted it together. 

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