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Supporters of Grant Layman Seek to Frame Me and Silence Me

This week I fell prey to a highly sophisticated scam intended to intimidate me by a person or persons loyal to Grant Layman.  Many people have tried to intimidate me over the past four years but this is the first time someone has tried to frame me.   

On Friday of last week, I received the following letter from “SGM Insider” who claimed to have “close family/relational ties to some of the men involved in the lawsuit” and “family ties” to Layman.   

SGM Insider also attached two documents.  One entitled “PIR” which stands for Public Information Request and the other entitled “Layman Email.”  The latter contained correspondence between Grant Layman’s supposed lawyer, Kush Arora, and the Maryland Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA), Amanda Michalski regarding an immunity deal for Layman.  

It was all an elaborate con intended to entrap me.  The letter spun a fabricated story and the attachments were forged and fictitious documents.  I fell for it.  The moral of the story.  Don’t ever underestimate the cunning of people involved in the SGM conspiracy.  They will stop at nothing.      

From: sgm insider []
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2014 10:40 PM
Subject: Evidence 


We’ve never met, but I have grown to respect you over the past few years based on the work that you are doing and the sacrifice you are making at your own expense to ensure that the lack of responsibility, false humility, and deceit of SGM leaders are made known.  I don’t understand why there can still be members of SGM after everything that you have documented, or people still defending men like Grant Layman and C.J. 

Before I get into the purpose of this email, please let me ask for your help in remaining anonymous. I no longer am attending an SGM church, but I do still have close family/relational ties to some of the men involved in the lawsuit.  I am sending you this email because this evidence needs to be known, but if my family knew that I was involved in its released it would cause significant family/relational difficulties.  I’m in the difficult spot of wanting truth to be known regarding SGM, but at this point not willing to sacrifice the peace in my family to make it known.  I hope that you can understand my situation? I respectfully ask that you please not publish this email, or my name, etc.  But you need to be the one with this information, and I trust you to have the wisdom of knowing how to release it. 

Attached to this email are two documents - the first is a Public Information Request filed with the Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office. As you know, most correspondence that goes through any public agency or office is public record.  I made a request for any emails mentioning Grant Layman, C.J. Mahaney, etc. 

Again, the reason for the records request was so that I could remain anonymous.  I could call you and tell you what I know, but the information would not be credible.  Doing it this way, the information can be verified and no one knows who obtained the information, only that it was made public by Montgomery County. 

I did a broad request, knowing that most information would not be available because of Attorney-client privilege.  However, I was previously aware of correspondence between Grant and the SAO, because of my family ties.  Because Grant and C.J. are not defendants (yet), any emails mentioning them specifically are public record. 

I have redacted my name and fax number from the public records request.  I provided it to you, because I know that you are thorough in your investigations and would want to know how I obtained the information.  I don’t know the privacy law protecting people who file who originally file a public records request, but I ask that you not make the PIR public. Again, because of my connection to those involved, I don’t want anyone trying to “piece it together” based on the date, etc. 

The second attachment is an email sent from Grant Layman’s attorney to Amanda Michalski, the State Attorney prosecuting the Morales case. 

This email proves that you were right about C.J. and Grant knowing about the Morales case.  As you can read for yourself, right now Grant is trying to get immunity from being charged later on with conspiracy, failing to report, etc.  I’m sure that whatever evidence that comes up in the Morales trial has him scared, and he’s trying to protect himself in advance as much as possible, including, as you pointed out, resigning from ministry. 

I am positive that C.J. does not know about Grant’s plan to testify and implicate him.  If he did, C.J. and SGM would have already released a statement or addressed the problem, or tried to discredit Grant before he could testify and release the truth about C.J. and SGM. 

A couple things- 

I thought for a long time about who to give this email to if I was actually able to get it released through the PIR (which took 30 days!).  My reasons for giving it to you are these: 

SGM has always has the opportunity to “spin” the truth, cover their asses, and respond to these issues in a way they are still able to convince most of their members and pastors of innocence, or at the very least deceive with false humility when they own the accusations. 

The closer it gets to the Morales trial, the sooner SGM/C.J. will find out what’s coming and be able to create some public response ahead of time, which, unfortunately, most members will buy. 

If I released this to the press, they would just confirm the story with C.J., Grant, and SGM, and give them all time to figure out a response. 

Also, I don’t know if immunity will be given to Grant or not or what kind of suppression or legal rules will prevent relevant parts of his testimony in court, and therefore being made public.  So even if I kept the email and waited until the trial, there’s not a guarantee of the evidence of Grant and C.J.’s prior knowledge coming out (or if he’ll even be truthful if he doesn’t get immunity.) 

I thought about sending this to all the pastors still in SGM, sending it to C.J., etc. but all those options all led back to C.J. having the opportunity to explain, deflect and deceive, as SGM always does. 

I’m giving this to you because up until now, you’ve been able to convince some people of the truth WITHOUT having any hard evidence like this.  You’ve also had to explain the backstory and inside details of things AFTER SGM has already had the opportunity to respond to or release.  It’s the “he who spins the story first wins” problem. 

In other words, I think that you have the public platform, the inside knowledge, the intellectual skill, and frankly, the balls to do the most damage with this evidence, which needs to be done. 

I have not contacted anyone with this information accept you.  Again, I ask that you please respect my wish to remain anonymous.  If you need more proof than what I’ve sent you, you can probably email the State Attorney Michalski directly at the email listed on the attachment or her work phone - (240) 780-8761. 

I doubt that Grant’s attorney would give you much information, and the SAO might not either but she could at least confirm that the content of the emails. 

I haven’t contacted either attorney or tried to get any more information - I didn’t want word to get back to C.J. or Grant that this information is now public.  I’m sure that the State Attorney at least is aware that her emails were made public to someone through the public information request, so I don’t know how long it will be (or if she has already) mentioned it to someone else.  It could very well be that C.J. is sweating in a room right now trying to figure his way out of this one publically.  Keep checking the SGM website I guess. 

A couple more things about the emails- I didn’t get a copy of the attachment shown in the attached email (the witness immunity agreement), I’m assuming because of legal privacy issues.  Also, I’m not as familiar with the Morales case as you probably are, but the blackened out part in the email that mentioned Morales’ victims was redacted by the SAO, not me.  I’m assuming it has to do with something related to the release of juvenile information or something. 

I’ll probably delete this email address very soon.  Again, please keep this email and the PIR between us.  The attached email is yours to do what you think is best. 

I hope that the release of this evidence will finally bring closure and truth for those still supporting SGM, and redemption for you and the work you’ve been doing the past 5 years.  Thank you for your leadership and dedication to seeing that these men and others like them are brought to justice. 

-Former SGM Insider

On Monday night, SGM Insider revealed the con but also continued the con with more disinformation.  Much more seriously, he threatened to discredit me unless I went silent and took down my blog.  Tell me when hell freezes over.  

Here is his email with my responses interspersed throughout in bold lettering.     

From: sgm insider []
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 6:12 PM
Subject: Lesson Learned


No doubt by now you have written an extensive multi-page blog post damning C.J. as the son of the devil, and SGM as a nest of demon worshiping child molesters, all based on the irrefutable evidence you’ve received from a credible source.  Before you post the narrative on your blog tomorrow, after much consideration, I feel that this would be the most effective and merciful time to advise you of the following: 

I haven’t written a single word except for the title.  I’ve been too busy processing other evidence in my possession and writing posts on other subjects like Grant’s lying to law enforcement.  Furthermore, I don’t need any of your “irrefutable evidence” to prove a conspiracy to commit and cover up sexual abuse by C.J. and SGM.  I have plenty of my own.  All from credible sources.  You need to stop covering up the crimes committed by C.J., Grant and others which may include yourself.  And don't talk about being "merciful."  Your letter is nothing but ungodly manipulation. 

-The “PIR” and “Layman Email” documents that I sent you were, in their entirety, completely and utterly fictitious.  

-Grant Layman does not have a criminal attorney named Kush Arora.  

He needs one because he has unquestionably broken the law.  You know it.  

-Grant Layman is NOT seeking any type of immunity agreement, nor does he need one. 

We’ll see about that.  We have a long way to go.  Furthermore, you would not tell me the truth if he was seeking immunity.  Everything you say is utterly untrustworthy.   

-The State Attorney Amanda Michalski has never written ANY emails regarding any type of immunity agreement for any testimony regarding “SGM conspiracy”.  

Do you think I’m an idiot?  You have absolutely no way of knowing this even if you are a defense lawyer for one of the abusers or conspirators.  There could be multiple immunity agreements on the table or in the bag that you know nothing about.  This is pure spin.  Furthermore, you should be charged for forging documents in her name as part of a scam operation.  

-There obviously was never any PIR filed in Montgomery County.  

-C.J. never cancelled any meetings  

-Grant Layman and C.J. Mahaney are existing quite happily, with no knowledge of the fictitious documents, and completely unconcerned about any facts that come out in Morales’ trial.  

C.J. and Grant are not existing quite happily.  Just more spin.  You know the family is badly divided!  You know what Grant said at CLC on February 23 about the price he has paid and the toll he has suffered.  Your denials are nothing but lies.  SGM has been using this kind of disinformation to deceive people for a long time.  10 Fast Facts Regarding Grant Layman & the Nate Morales Sex Abuse Trial is the truth.  

Moreover, you know Grant and C.J. are terribly concerned about the evidence that will come out in the Morales trial.  Stop pretending.  You are using the same old deceptive tactics as SGM.  It is like listening to Vladimir Putin talk about Ukraine or Susan Rice talk about Benghazi.  Lastly, Grant and/or C.J. could very well have knowledge of your fictitious documents and attempt to frame me.  Your denial is meaningless.  

I felt the need to provide the means of a valuable lesson for you, and I have no doubt that the lesson has been learned. Brent, your purposeful ignorance and irresponsible addiction to your “anti-C.J. and SGM” agenda has allowed numerous people to take advantage of you and use your anger to serve their own purposes.  ALWAYS question someone’s motives and leave room for doubt, no matter how earnestly they believe their own story of abuse or victimization, or attempt to convince you to believe it. 

The only lesson I’ve learned is to watch out for people like you who want to frame me.  No one has ever taken advantage of me except for you and there has been no “purposeful ignorance and irresponsible addiction.”  My documents and posts are highly informed and my actions are in keeping with Scripture.  Show me otherwise.  

Furthermore, anybody who loves Jesus Christ and is concerned for justice should be “anti-C.J. and SGM” in the sense that horrible atrocities have occurred which must be exposed.  But I am not your problem.  God Almighty is your problem!  He is opposed (“anti”) to the proud (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5) and he hates lying lips (Prov. 12:22).  He is your Opponent.   

Lastly, a person is a fool if they “leave room for doubt” when the evidence is overwhelming and calls for certainty.  That is the case with C.J. and Grant and others.  Scripture requires two or three witnesses.  There are countless witnesses now and thousands of page of evidence.  My goodness, even the prestigious law firm of Thaler Liebeler LLP, that was hired by Covenant Life Church, needs an additional 10 months to complete their investigation given the mountain of evidence in their possession.   

Here’s what I’ve learned.  “ALWAYS question” people in SGM like you who have consistently lied, deceived, and pretended.  That has been proven time after time after time.  The victims of sexual abuse are ones telling the truth – not you.  You are intentionally using disinformation to insert doubt and deceive just like an unscrupulous Defense lawyer. 

Please take some time to consider the implications on your credibility as a “thorough investigator”, a term used incredibly loosely, if I had allowed you to post those documents.  Or, for that matter, if the emails over the past few days were to be made public... 

You are welcome to post all our correspondence.  It won’t affect my credibility.  It will only show I was suckered by a lawless scam artist that supports C.J. and Grant.  For all I know you could be a sex abuser or one of those actively covering up the conspiracy.  You can’t manipulate me into silence.  

At this point in time, I do not feel that allowing the situation to progress to that point is necessary in order for you to realize your ignorance in your continued posts, assumptions and exaggerations regarding SGM and the men involved.  Your secret will remain safe with me.  If the public were to know of your complete acceptance of this “evidence”, sent by an anonymous source, without ANY effort whatsoever to verify the information through third party before creating a slanderous blog post, your credibility would certainly be destroyed. 

Your “at this point in time” and “your secret will remain safe with me” intimidation won’t work with me.  You are probably one of those individuals SGM has used to intimidate and silence a lot of people inside and outside of SGM but you don’t scare me.  Furthermore, my credibility would not be destroyed.  People would understand how I was snookered by a con artist.  But far more importantly, I have NEVER used fictitious information in the past.  Nor have I EVER used information from an anonymous source.  Only credible evidence from known individuals.  Prove me otherwise.  You can’t do it!  This is the first time someone has fed me lies through such devious means.  It figures it comes from a person or persons likely involved in the conspiracy to cover up crimes in CLC and SGM.       

All previous posts made over the past 5 years would certainly receive significant criticism as to their accuracy, which is deserved.  

Again, this is an entirely false premise.  Which posts deserve criticism?  Point out with evidence where I have erred in relation to accuracy.  I've always welcomed correction.  None has been provided. 

To be clear, this is not intended as a threatening email, only a notification to you of the falsity of the documents and emails that have been sent.  

I believe it is a threatening email.  You come close to extortion and you know it.  That is the reason for this kind of wording.  You may be a lawyer.  More likely you are working with a lawyer or lawyers.  The con is way too sophisticated.  For example, no one I know could write the Public Information Request (PIT) without legal assistance.   There is every reason to believe you are conspiring with others in an attempt to silence me by threatening to smear me. 

I would sincerely ask, however, with no attachments or conditions to my request, that you seriously consider publicly correcting your false assumptions about Grant Layman’s motives for resigning from ministry, and then removing your website from the internet. 

“No attachments or conditions to my request” – just more legal jargon in an attempt to avoid breaking the law.   

What Grant did in the case of Morales and others was criminal.  As a result of his unlawful actions even more individuals were sexually abused.  The evidence is definitive.  For instance, when C.J. and Grant shipped Morales off to Teen Challenge in 1991 they never told staff personnel he was a sex abuser.  Teen Challenge would never have allowed him in the program.  Morales has been abusing boys ever since.  C.J. and Grant are largely to blame.     

Talk about motives, answer this question.  Why did Grant lie to detectives during the investigation?  You know Grant is in legal jeopardy.  I pray he comes clean and people like you stop making excuses for him and stop covering up for him.  And sure, I’ll get right on it and remove my website from the internet.  We certainly don’t want people to know the truth about Grant, C.J., and SGM!   

Listen, the whole purpose of your scam is obvious.  You are attempting to intimidate me into “removing your website from the internet.”  Why?  Because the evidence I produce is damming.  People have tried to silence me with the threat of lawsuits.  That hasn’t worked because they can’t prove my charges are false and they know I can prove my charges are true.  You are the first to try and silence me by using an elaborate scam operation and scare tactics.    

I understand that you have recently lost your home, are still unemployed after 5 years, are having marital substance abuse problems, and are claiming tax exemption as “president” of a “ministry” that has never held a public service, has no website or physical meeting place, and owns no legitimate assets.  

I have lost my house as a result of the sacrifices we made to expose widespread abuse, corruption, and hypocrisy in SGM since 2010.  No regrets.  That is public information on my website.  I also worked for the Census Bureau.  

You say, “I understand that you…are having marital substance abuse problems.”  Yes, we fight over chocolate daily.  It gets vicious.  You are a nut job!  Where did you get that piece of wicked and fictitious information?  We have never had “marital substance abuse” problems.  That is libel of the highest order! You are a sicko trying to dig up personal information in order to smear me. 

Likewise, I have never claimed any tax exemption as President of Aletheia Ministries because I have worked for the non-profit free of charge.  That is another libelous statement with absolutely no basis in fact.  You are a hypocrite – what a surprise!  You believe fictitious information while you ensnare me with fictitious information since you can’t prove I have ever used fictitious information.  That is evil.  A huge beam is protruding from your eye.  Furthermore, I am currently preaching at public meetings in my capacity as President of Aletheia Ministries.   

I’ve not been able to complete a website because all the scandals in SGM have kept me so busy.  We have limited but real assets but own no facility in which to meet.  I look forward to developing the ministry in the future in order to Christians judge righteously, think biblically, and live courageously so they are not vulnerable to deceivers like you. 

May I politely recommend that it is about time that you find a job?  

May I politely recommend you send a gift of benevolence so I can continue to expose sex abusers and conspirators in SGM and help victims who have been harmed because of leaders like C.J. and Grant.   

[SGM Insider]

I am more fervent in my quest to expose people like you because of you.  Thanks for the added inspiration.  And thanks for the lesson learned – watch out for scammers who use their scam to try and intimidate me into silence.  Enjoy my next few posts!  

P.S.  I hope Assistant State's Attorney Amanda Michalski discovers your identity for impersonating her and forging documents under her name. 


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Commentary on Letter from the Covenant Life Pastors Regarding Lawsuit & Morales Trial

Mark Mitchell, the executive pastor for Covenant Life Church, sent a letter to all the members on Tuesday providing an update on the civil lawsuit and the upcoming criminal trial of Nathaniel Morales.  In this post, I provide a running commentary on that letter.   

I’ve interspersed my comments throughout the correspondence.  The letter and the lawsuit timeline provided are in bold letters to distinguish them from my commentary.     


From: Mark Mitchell - Covenant Life Church
Date: April 22, 2014 6:59:48 PM EDT
To: Church Members
Subject: Lawsuit Update 

Dear Church, 

We are writing to report on the status of the civil lawsuit against the church.  As with many legal matters, the suit continues to play out very slowly. (At the end of this letter we have included a timeline to orient you to the history to date.) 

The lawsuit is also against Sovereign Grace Ministries, Sovereign Grace Church of Fairfax, and ten individual Defendants including C.J. Mahaney, Gary Ricucci, John Loftness and Grant Layman.  The lawsuit “continues to play out very slowly” – so do the criminal investigations. 

We are about 18 months into the process so far.  Although the Montgomery County Circuit Court dismissed the claims against all Defendants in May of 2013, the case was then appealed.  The hearing of the Appeal is scheduled for early June in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals; the ruling could come weeks or months or even a year later. 

The Original Complaint (lawsuit) was filed on October 17, 21012.  “The Montgomery County Court” is a reference to one judge, Sharon V. Burrell, not a Grand Jury or some other group of individuals.    

Burrell “dismissed the claims” but not because they lacked merit.  Even SGM made note of this fact in their “Update on the Amended Civil Lawsuit” on May 20, 2103.  “Please note that this ruling does not specifically address the substance of the plaintiffs’ allegations.”  

Burrell dismissed the lawsuit because 9 victims waited too long to file the lawsuit per the statute of limitations in Maryland and because 2 victims were from Virginia.  None of the specific claims or factual allegations were dismissed because they lacked merit.  

There are good reasons for the Appeal.  Here are a few.  One, there should be no statute of limitations pertaining to sexual abuse.  It is a bad law.  It can take a long time before a victim is ready to come forward.  Some are so traumatized they never come forward.  Such statutes have been removed in other states.  The Appeal hopes to get this law overturned in Maryland.  

Two, getting rid of the statute of limitations will let the Maryland victims proceed to trial where they can make their case against C.J. Mahaney, John Loftness, Gary Ricucci, Grant Layman, Charlie Llewellyn, Stephen Griney, Mark Hoffman, Dave Mayo, David Adams, et al.  All these men proclaim their innocence.  Let them prove it before a jury as victims, witnesses, and evidence testify against them.  These alleged abusers and conspirators need to stand trial where they are cross examined under oath. 

Three, the conspiracy to cover up sex abuse was not discovered until August 2011.  The abuses occurred over 30 years but the evidence did not materialize until recently.  Therefore, the statute of limitations should not apply.  The conspiracy also continues.  See for example, Factual Allegation 179.    

Fourth, the alleged conspiracy was interstate but centered in Maryland which argues against dismissal based on jurisdiction.   

The Plaintiffs lawyers are working pro bono.  They would not be investing their time and money in the long appeal process if they were not hopeful of victory.  Everyone should pray the Appeal is successful.

Meanwhile, the independent investigation that Covenant Life has commissioned is ongoing.  We are roughly at the halfway mark in its completion.  Anyone who has information that may be relevant to the investigation is still invited to e-mail that information, or just their contact information and the general nature of what they would like to convey, to the e-mail address established for this investigation:

On August 28, 2013, Joshua Harris wrote a letter to CLC in which he said, 

“At the June 23 [2013] Members Meeting, I shared that we had decided to commission an investigation into the issues raised in the civil lawsuit against our church. … After sharing our intention with the congregation on June 23, we proceeded to retain the nationally recognized, independent law firm of Thaler Liebeler LLP to do this work. … The investigation will probably be accomplished in a matter of months.”  

Thaler Liebeler began its investigation in July 2013.  That was ten months ago.  Now Mark Mitchell tells us, “We are roughly at the halfway mark in its completion.”  That means “the issues raised in the civil lawsuit against our church” will take approximately 20 months to investigate.  But wait a minute.  I thought everyone was innocent!  What’s to investigate?  Initially, Joshua said the investigation would “probably be accomplished in a matter of months.”  A matter of months has turned into 20 months. 

Mark further says, “Anyone who has information that may be relevant to the investigation is still invited to e-mail that information, or just their contact information and the general nature of what they would like to convey, to the e-mail address established for this investigation:”  That’s fine but Mark should also tell people they are required by law to report the same information regarding suspected child abuse to law enforcement.

After the Court of Special Appeals gives its ruling, it is possible that either side might seek review in the Maryland Court of Appeals, the state’s highest Court.  Should the Court of Appeals agree to hear the case, there would be further appellate proceedings that could last many months or even years.  Until the outcome of all appeals is known, and the lawsuit finally ends, we do not believe it’s wise to discuss the specifics of the suit or release the results of the independent investigation, since these actions could affect the legal process and prolong its ultimate conclusion. 

Whatever the ruling by the Court of Special Appeals, the case will be appealed to the Maryland Court of Appeals.  Either by the Plaintiffs or by the Defendants.  It will go to the highest court in Maryland.  

In his August 28, 2013 letter, Joshua also said, 

“Basically, this means opening up our actions, policies and procedures, especially those that relate to child protection, to scrutiny. … The way the appeal process unfolds will be key in determining the best time to share the results of the investigation.  But we’re committed to learning and applying all we can from the investigation and communicating its results at the earliest appropriate date.” 

I don’t think the “actions” of the pastors, the “specifics of the suit” or “the results” of the investigation will ever be shared with Covenant Life Church.  Why?  Because many of these findings incriminate the pastors, abusers, and conspirators.  I expect Thaler Liebeler will produce a whitewashed report like Ambassadors of Reconciliation did for Sovereign Grace Ministries.  A few slaps on the wrist but certainly no information that could be used to prosecute these men or put abusers and conspirators in jail. 

That’s why this “investigation” is so limited even though it is taking 20 months.  It is not a criminal investigation.  Thaler Liebeler can’t subpoena paper or people.  And I doubt it is an “independent” investigation.  There is an easy way to find out.  Every member of CLC should ask the pastors for a copy of the contract they signed with lawfirm.  Remember, the CLC pastors believe in congregational accountability.  Surely they want to be transparent!

Members should also ask how much this investigation has cost to date and how much they project it will cost in the future.  The 9 month investigation by Ambassadors of Reconciliation cost SGM approximately $400,000.  Ted Kober was the lead investigator for AoR.  He was paid $150 per hour.  Lars Liebeler is the lead investigator for the CLC investigation.  I estimate he is paid $600 per hour or more.  Here's a thought.  Law enforcement will do an “independent” and “criminal” investigation free of charge.   

I wrote Thaler Liebeler on August 29, 2013 and asked two questions.  Of course, I never received any answers.  CLC members should ask the CLC pastors the same questions. 

“At the conclusion of your investigation will you be sharing all your findings with Covenant Life Church?  In other words, do you intend to share incriminating evidence with the public that could result in fines or jail time for CLC employees (e.g. Grant Layman), former employees (e.g. C.J. Mahaney, John Loftness, Gary Ricucci, Stephen Griney), or current members (e.g. Mark Hoffman, Dave Mayo, Charlie Llewellyn)?”

 “Will you be sharing all the evidence you discover as you discover it with the Montgomery County Police Department (e.g. Detective Sally Magee)?  Or do plan to withhold that information from law enforcement under attorney-client privilege?” 

I copied the second question to law enforcement.  In retrospect, I don’t think any of the information shared with Thaler Liebeler is covered under attorney-client privilege.  Certainly, people at large who provide evidence of crimes to Thaler Liebeler are not clients.          

In closing, it’s appropriate to mention the upcoming trial of Nathaniel Morales, a former Covenant Life member who has been charged in Maryland with molesting boys during the 1980s.  Mr. Morales’ case received a good deal of publicity in early 2013, and may do so again during his jury trial, currently set for May 12-16.  The case against Mr. Morales is a criminal matter and should not be confused with the civil lawsuit against Covenant Life. 

On February 6, 2013, the Covenant Life Pastors put out a press release on the CLC website.  It said in part,

“On Monday [February 4] news reports were widely circulated about a Nevada man, Nathaniel Morales, who has been charged in Maryland with molesting boys during the 1980s. … Contrary to the impression left by the news reports, Covenant Life Church had no knowledge of such abuse until many years after the abuse when an adult who had been victimized as a child came forward.”

This was a blatant lie.  I will deal with it in a future post.

We wanted the church family to be aware that Robin Boisvert and Grant Layman have received subpoenas to appear as witnesses in the Morales trial.  This represents an opportunity to pray for wisdom if they testify and to lift up prayers for all who have been affected by sexual abuse. 

Grant Layman will not be able to lie on the stand like he did to Maryland Detectives during the investigation.  Don’t pray for wisdom.  Pray both of these men are completely honest and don’t attempt to dodge questions.  Do pray for wisdom for the District Attorneys.  They need divine assistance in making the case and dealing with the unscrupulous tactics used by the Defense.  Pray also for all the material witnesses against Morales including the victims from Covenant Life Church. 

With the civil lawsuit still on appeal, we continue to be constrained in how much we can communicate, but look forward to being able to present a fuller picture at the appropriate time.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I don’t think the CLC pastors will ever conclude there is an “appropriate time” to present a “fuller picture” unless a fuller picture means 2% more than they have shared thus far.  Remember, they are the sole judges of what is appropriate and inappropriate.   C.J. Mahaney, Dave Harvey, John Loftness, et al. famously declared the most vital of information “inappropriate” for the members of SGM.  They used this designation to cover up all manner of deceit and spiritual abuse.

We encourage you to pray that God’s manifold wisdom, justice and goodness will be on display as these matters continue to unfold. 

There are many issues that will not be addressed at the Morales trial given its scope and time limitations.  All of these issues must be addressed by the Covenant Life pastors.  These and other matters related to the lawsuit will “continue to unfold” for years to come.      

Mark Mitchell

On behalf of the elders 


Lawsuit timeline: 

October, 2012: Plaintiffs’ Initial Complaint filed 

There were 3 Plaintiffs. 

May 14, 2013: Plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint filed 

Seven months later, there were 11 Plaintiffs.  I’d like to know how many were in the Third Amended Complaint. 

May 17, 2013: Hearing on Motions to Dismiss

At this hearing, the Court dismissed with prejudice all of the claims of nine of the 11 plaintiffs based upon the legal statute of limitations that governs their claims.  The Court also dismissed for lack of jurisdiction all of the claims against the remaining two defendants residing in Virginia. 

June 14, 2013: Plaintiffs filed an Appeal with the Maryland Court of Special Appeals 

June 23, 2013: Independent Investigation announced at Covenant Life Church Members Meeting

At our June 23 Members Meeting, Joshua Harris presented plans to commission an investigation into all the issues raised in the civil lawsuit, with special emphasis on learning everything possible to make our current child protection policies and procedures the best they can be.  The investigation, still in progress, is being conducted by the nationally recognized, independent law firm of Thaler Liebeler, LLP.  The firm is an impartial third party with no prior connection to Covenant Life Church or the matters under investigation. 

Thaler Liebeler was commissioned to investigate “all the issues raised in the civil lawsuit.”  This means they were authorized to investigate manifold crimes that occurred across state lines.  Of course, this is not their job.  They are not criminal investigators.  The Covenant Life pastors should have “commissioned” local, state and federal law enforcement authorities, not lawyers.    

August 8, 2013: Motion to Reconsider Denied

The Circuit Court for Montgomery County issued an order denying the Plaintiffs’ Motion to Reconsider, and also noted that since Plaintiffs had failed to file a Third Amended Complaint, the case is closed. 

This is misleading.  The Plaintiffs had a Third Amended Complaint ready to file but could not do so because the lawsuit was dismissed.  I’d sure love to read what is in it! 

However, the Plaintiffs’ Appeal filed with the Maryland Court of Special Appeals on June 14, 2013 is still pending. 

June 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 or 11, 2014: Oral arguments for the Appeal Hearing will be scheduled for one of these days. 

Unknown date: The Maryland Court of Special Appeals will render its opinion.


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